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Why You Shouldn't Miss Astros Opening Day!!

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It’s finally that time again, folks.

The 2014 MLB Season is upon us.

For us Astros fans, that hasn’t provided much excitement in recent years past.

This year will be different. No, I’m serious. It won’t be a playoff year. We won’t set any franchise records for wins (and we won’t break any records for losses). All of the work in drafting players, acquiring prospects, and stocking our farm system is coming to fruition starting this year.

This won’t be as obvious next Tuesday when the Astros take the field. You’ll see a lineup they’ve constructed with future call-ups in mind.

Why would this entice you to pay money to see them? Well, to put it quite frankly, BECAUSE BASEBALL’S BACK!!!!

What more do you need? Wins?


Are you one of those people who will go because we’re playing the Yankees?

We’re going up against some guy named Carsten Charles Sabathia Jr. I heard he’s good. So that doesn’t bode well for us.

They have some legends in the lineup. We have Chris Carter and Jason Castro… oh… and Jose Altuve. Sorry, Jose. I didn’t see you down there.

They have a $204 million payroll (only good for second highest in the league). We have a $45 million payroll (good enough for lowest in the league… again).

Are you convinced yet?!

Maybe if the ladies get there early enough, they’ll have a chance at getting their own Derek Jeter gift bag.

Takers? Eh.

What I’ve been waiting for is a hot dog, a frosty beverage, and the smell of freshly cut grass.
I’ve been waiting for the sound of a baseball hitting a mitt at high velocity.
I’ve been waiting for the crack of a ball getting launched into the stands (hopefully by one of our Astros).

I know I’m not the only one.

We should go because they are OUR Astros.
It’s going to undoubtedly be another tough season, but they should know that they’ve got their true fan base behind them.

The way this team looks on Opening Day will not reflect how they look on the last game of the season.

I challenge you to go to the first and last games of the year to see the progression.

I plan on it. So should you.

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