Jan 1, 2014; Glendale, AZ, USA; Central Florida Knights quarterback Blake Bortles runs into the end zone for a fourth quarter touchdown against the Baylor Bears during the Fiesta Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium. Central Florida defeated Baylor 52-42. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans Are On The Clock

Now that the whole Matt Schaub mess is over and done with, the Texans can finally start to look at who to take in the draft. Many suggest the Houston Texans will take a quarterback and many believe they will they will go another way entirely. The facts are the Texans need a quarterback that can come in and play the game and win.

Most analysts think that head coach Bill O’Brien likes a quarterback that’s big, a strong-arm, and has a great football I.Q. aka Blake Bortles. Now that may be and that is all good, but I feel that if O’Brien takes a guy like Bortles it would be a big mistake. I have seen some tape on Bortles and do not like what I have seen. I do not like his foot work and delivery. I feel he will take a year to learn and correct his problems before he can become effective.

The Texans should take a strong look at Johnny Manziel, I feel he is the best option for this team. Manziel is not the biggest quarterback in this draft but he is the most elusive. The way the NFL game has changed, a “run first pass second” quarterback Manziel would be ideal and I think he will work in O’Brien’s system.

The weapons are already in place with Arian Foster, Garrett Graham, Andre Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins. They are all guys that can make big plays and Manziel will have more than one wide receiver to throw to unlike his days in college. Manziel’s talent with this team can win ten games. Most people will laugh but no one can deny Manziel is talented, and if he’s put on a team that has that many weapons, how can he fail?

All I am saying is Manziel is the most talented quarterback in this draft hands down. He may have a small frame and just a bit short (not a big deal), but look at Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick. Those guys were all deemed to small or not the prototypical quarterback we all look for. Most of these players get over looked but this time the Texans have it right in front of them and should not get it wrong this time.

This 2-14 team is the most talented 2-14 team I have ever seen. The Texans finally have a head coach who is tough and holds players accountable. He now has the chance as well to get a quarterback who has the talent to help the fans and media forget that the Texans were 2-14 last season.

Do it. Draft Manziel

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  • marcusdoesurmom

    I’m a tad confused about the Tom Brady & Collin Kaepernick comparison when it comes to Manziel. Brady was overlooked because his lack of playing time at Michigan. Kaep went in the second round.

  • Michael Villanueva

    Dumb ass article lol hell John McLain could make a better article

    • marcusdoesurmom

      I wouldn’t take a Qb with the first pick. But if you’re going to reach, might as well go with Manziel. It’s a fair argument other than the Kaep and Brady comparison.

      • Michael Villanueva

        Well seen his pro day today it was actually great as much as I hate to say it manziel might be a great pic. Teddy had a bad day that day and I still feel he’s the better man. As far as progressions go. Manziel never hit open receivers when they were wide open and this was often I watched a lot of games and was never satisfied. He kept you on your toes though really exciting to watch its like he’s an attention junky wants to run out of the pocket to get stardom. But after today I wonder if he can grow to be a better pocket passer. And by no means never compare no man to Brady, lol kaep is good Wilson is great but both can hang in the pocket bad article because of bad player references.

  • Emmett

    Manziel’s size isn’t the problem. it’s how many of his deep balls had a prayer attached to them in college. that won’t fly in the NFL. I would also attach the following handicaps to his “weapons:” (% of peak performance that can reasonably be expected) Foster 60%, Graham n/a, Johnson 80%, Hopkins, n/a. So you’ve got two folks it’s impossible to predict how well they’ll do and two who’ll be at a combined 70%, with anything else being bonus. Combine that with a QB with wishful throws and you might well end up with a better team than 2-14, But 10 wins? C’mon.