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Rise and f@#king shine! That’s not a happy rise and shine. That’s a “I hate my outbreak AIDS monkey coworker, who can’t stop talking, and proceeded to get the entire office sick” rise and shine. Been up since 5 am, sniffling and reading tweets in bed. In mid thumb scroll, I stumbled across this:

Don’t get too excited folks. Those clever sons of guns at Pro Football Talk, know about as much as we do. A couple of takeaways:

If Schaub is still on the team when the season starts, he’ll cost more than $14 million against the Texans’ salary cap. So it’s extremely unlikely that he’ll still be on the Texans in September. But the Texans may think they can get something for Schaub in a trade. And they may be right.

And just when you thought the Raiders were the only contender for the Matt Schaub sweepstakes, a challenger appears:

The Browns are reportedly interested in bringing in Schaub, who previously played for Cleveland offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. The Texans would be smart to see if they can convince the Browns to give up a draft pick for Schaub.

But wait, we knew that too. Son of a… Someone give me some real Schaub news. Let’s see what else what Twitter is saying:

Arthur Coelho is my insider. Surprised he’s just now finding out about this whole Ryan Mallett thing. You’re slipping Art.  

There it is! Some ambitious fans in Cleveland. I like it! Here’s hoping Schaub is heading your way!

Uhh… What?

I mean, you have to give it up to the guy. That’s kind of funny.

Matt Schaub is back on TWITTER?! 

Seeing as there is an uproar about how Matt Schaub hasn’t been released, I thought I’d leave this link right HERE.

We’ll keep you guys updated on anything else that develops.

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