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Houstonians: Trying to find a way to fill the void left by True Detective and Rust Cohle’s realist/pessimistic ramblings? Or maybe a way to distract yourself during lunch that doesn’t include listening to Jay Mohr and his craaaaaazy radio hi-jinks?

Mac: Well the newest addition to our humble Houston sports site may be just the thing for you. The podcast will have a number of contributors brought in to provide different perspectives on all things Houston, and specifically Houston sports. This week’s edition features our Co-Editor Marcus Chavez and I discussing the following:

  • Dynamo Tailgating vs. Texan Tailgating
  • Houston Rockets: Contender or Pretender?
  • Houston Texans: What can we conclude from the rumors and moves we have seen thus far?

We recorded on Sunday and it took us a minute to get our editing feet under us, but from here on out the turn around will be much faster.

Marcus: “That’s on me, Mac. I was out there giving it my all. I was battling, and fighting. And just couldn’t get the job done.” (in regards to the editing) In all seriousness, the delay is my bad. I’ve been up for three days with no sleep, checking Matt Schaub rumors. We’re still toying with a real title and format. But we thought this was a good starting off point. Feel free to leave suggestions on names, if we should drink less while we’re recording, and if you think I sound like a teenage boy. Back to you Mac…

Mac: Yeah, yeah, whatever, Chavez. Anyway, if you feel that you are a being that labors under the illusion of having a self, or if you really hate radio shows that sound like Dingo and the Baby, OR if you just want something to listen to on the way to work, give it a click.

Run Time: 43 minutes.

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