Nov 22, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) looks to pass in the fourth quarter of the Thanksgiving day game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Texans: Oakland Raiders Interested In Matt Schaub; Texans May Not Release Him

There has been lots of Matt Schaub talk on the Twittersphere over the last 24 hours regarding the QB and several teams. It appears as if one team has Schaub high on their priority list.

Wouldn’t that be so Oakland Raiders of them? But wait…The Schaub rumors get even better.

Ladies and gentleman…your Cleveland Browns!

The rumor shouldn’t surprise you, really. Kyle Shanahan has taken over the offense in Cleveland and we all know that Shanahan loves quarterbacks like Schaub.

But will Schaub be leaving the Texans? He may, but it won’t be “anytime soon” according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

And he’s right. Schaub is the best quarterback available, as sad as that may seem. However, I don’t think he ends up with the Texans by the end of the offseason.

Yesterday, Blaine Gabbert was (somehow) traded for a 6th round pick. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Blaine Gabbert. Yes, THAT Blaine Gabbert. Even he can be traded away. Now Schaub’s contract is obviously a lot larger than that of Gabbert, but Schaub is much better at his position, has proven experience, and many still think he could start around the league.

Will he be cut? Maybe, but I think the Texans could probably get value for Schaub on the trade market. Both the Raiders and Browns may be waiting for Schaub to hit the free agent market but they might be forced to make a trade if they want to get there guy.


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  • Bob

    As a Raiders fan, Texas can keep him.

  • bernmac

    I thought O’Brien was brought in to turn this thing around…I can already hear the chorus of boos week 1…

  • Chris Smith

    I thought they saved 10 mil against the cap if they cut Schaub after June 1st.

    • marcusdoesurmom

      True story. McClain is in a food coma.

  • Yoni Pollak

    He had one bad year but I think Texans fans are sick of him. Would certainly be boos if he started week 1.

    • Ryan Baker

      It’s more than just 1 bad year, if you watched him over the past 4 years you saw the same bad decision making each and every year.

      • Yoni Pollak

        True, but it was brought in the spotlight this year. His numbers were pretty solid until 2013.