Dec 13, 2013; Charleston, IL, USA; Towson Tigers defensive tackle Jon Desir (99) pursues Eastern Illinois Panthers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) during the fourth quarter at O

Bayou City Headlines: Bill O'Brien Watches Jimmy Garoppolo Workout

HERE WE GO! Okay, slightly kidding. The Houston Texans, as well as the San Francisco 49’ers, went to watch Jimmy Garoppolo yesterday. Garoppolo is certainly not in the conversation with the first overall pick, but is someone to keep in mind if the Texans go anywhere other than quarterback at 1.1, or if they trade the pick and move back. Check out the rest of the links for more.


Houston Astros

Singleton was one of the players that got Astros fans excited about the future. Now he’ll be looked at as something far more important than that. Singleton will be watched, not just by fans, but by every parent or spouse who has been impacted by addiction. They understand his path perhaps better than he can at this point. His is a battle that has to be fought one day at a time. Singleton needs to know he has more people praying for him than he can imagine.

  • Jeff Balke (HoustoniaMag) spoke with Reid Ryan about the Astros.
  • Evan Drellich (Houston Chronicle) with an update on the Spring Training search.
  • Astros tweet of the day…


Houston Rockets

If you’re looking for a magic switch that was flipped, keep digging, because it simply isn’t there. Their shooting portfolio is nearly identical to how they played through the first portion of the season, both in terms of shot locations and the players who are shooting. What’s changed is what changes with any team learning to play together: they’ve simply gotten better at what they were already doing.

  • (Video) James Harden: Fear The Beard
  • SportsRadio610 (Podcast) spoke with Jeff Van Gundy who says the Rockets could be championship contenders if Howard and Harden commit.
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Houston Texans

  • Stephen Forsha (Toro Times) on the Texans staff watching Jimmy Garoppolo workout.

This would make a lot of sense for the Texans if they are either going to trade their No. 1 overall selection in the draft or possibly draft defensive with the No. 1 overall selection and go after a quarterback in the second round, which honestly, I don’t have a problem with.


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