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Bayou City Headlines: Jonathan Singleton Opens Up About His Drug Addiction

In an incredible interview by Kristie Rieken of the Associated Press, Jonathan Singleton opened up about his drug addiction which has started since his early teenager years. Singleton spoke about his constant drug use for much of his career and how he really didn’t want any help with his issue. I’ll stop here and recommend you read the rest of the interview yourself. Check out the rest of the links for more.


Houston Astros

Singleton is confident he can avoid a relapse by focusing on his opportunity, keeping better company and avoiding bad situations. He calls his life a work in progress and is focused on not being so hard on himself this season.


Houston Rockets

“Miami is where everybody wants to be. Look, everybody in this league wants to be defending back-to-back champions,” McHale said. “I mean, that’s what you want to be and that’s where they’re at.”


Houston Texans

  • Stephen Forsha (Toro Times) on the Texans and the 43-yard extra point.

This rule change would really affect Bullock and the Texans in many ways. He’s proven, at least this past season, he’s not the most reliable kicker in the league, as he had multiple games where he missed more than one field goal attempt.

  • Brian T. Smith (Houston Chronicle) on the Texans not using the franchise tag.
  • Patrick D. Starr (State Of The Texans) on Texans inquiring about another backup quarterback.
  • Texans tweet of the day…


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