Houston Texans: Cap and Draft By The Numbers

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We emptied out Rick Smith’s closet. We’ve seen things that can’t be unseen. Three dead hookers, Derek Newton, and Ed Reed. It wasn’t pretty but someone had to do it. You’re welcome. Let’s get dirty, shall we?

Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak are package deal. Or so we thought. Bob McNair decided to part ways with Kubiak and keep Smith around. This must have been a huge burden for McNair, because swimming in a sea of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck is a tough gig, so he didn’t want to throw away too much money. Also a source close to the team told me the Texans are struggling with ticket sales, merchandise sales, and McNair is actually getting younger (thanks to modern science), so saving money was ideal.

I’m being too hard on McNair. I’ll go ahead and blame that one on eight frustrating years of Gary, although I do believe that Smith should have been shown the door as well. Those were his free agents, draft picks, and it’s his job as the GM to plant the seed in a coaches head, you win, or you’re out.

Let’s move on to the number of players that were drafted by Smith that are still on the roster, and see who is up for free agency. Then we’ll get some deeper analysis from Slick Rick on the players drafted by position during Smith’s tenure. Remember, this doesn’t include 2006. Rick Smith didn’t exist in our world that year. He was working the mail room at Mile High Stadium bleeding orange and blue.

drafted players on roster

As fellow staff writer Brandon Campbell put it:

56 players, 27 on Offense, 28 on Defense, and one Fat Randy for Special Teams, a surprising level of parity between the defensive and offensive side of the ball. Digging further, on the offensive side of the ball, Rick selected, 2 Quarterbacks, 2 Running Backs, 5 Tight Ends, 6 Wide Receivers, 7 Offensive Tackles, 3 Guards, and 2 Centers; and on the defensive side of the ball, he selected 8 Cornerbacks, 5 Safeties, 6 Linebackers, 3 Defensive Tackles, and 6 Defensive Ends.

Offense vs Defense


But what about players per college conference? Hit that —> button to find out.

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