Series: Houston Astros Top 3 Shortstop Prospects

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We all know the Houston Astros players, staff, and fans have suffered a tremendous amount throughout the last three seasons. However, there was a bright spot to all their losing….


Over the course of the next month heading into Spring Training, we are going to be taking a look at every position throughout the organization, and give you our top three/five prospects at each position. Don’t worry, there will also be other posts as well taking a look at the players on the current roster as well.

Our “Astros Top 3/5 ____ Prospects” continues today at shortstop.


Top 3 Catchers

Top 3 First Basemen

Top 3 Second Basemen

Note: We will be going just three-deep into our infield prospects, and five-deep the rest of the way.

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