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The fun is back at Houston Rockets games and it is only going to get better

I remember going to games in the 90’s at the Summit and the excitement level was so high that it was hands down the best place to be in Houston. The buzz in the building every night from the social aspect in the hallways to the actual game was something Houston had never witnessed for a non-NFL team outside of a brief period in the middle of the last decade over at Minute Maid Park.

Fast forward to 2014. We have this beautiful downtown arena that still looks brand new even though the Toyota Center is in its second decade. But outside of the 22-game win-streak a few years back, regular season basketball has just not captured the full attention of this town. Now some of the reason we have not hit a fever pitch this season is the CSN Houston mess, but the majority of it comes from the past decade plus Rockets fans having endured everything from Steve Francis dribbling out the shot clock to Tracy McGrady deciding it was time for T-Mac to undergo major surgery.

Now the games this season have a certain buzz with the combination of star power and exciting style that we have not had since those magical years, and a long playoff run will take it to a whole new level. I predict this will be a fun spring and summer and going into next season the Rockets will be talked about almost as much as Johnny Manziel and the Texans.

This is what the Rockets should do for next season. Assuming the TV deal gets fixed, they need to push the start time back to 7:35 and really work the in game experience back on the actual basketball, because you won’t need any gimmicks to keep people happy. Doing that will make Houston re-establish a lost reputation as one of the toughest building to play in.

If you get a chance to make it to a game over the second half of the season, do your part to get people around you into the game so everyone can remind themselves this is supposed to be fun.  Doing that will make it much better when we have an actual title contender and maybe the Toyota Center will remind you of those long lost Summit days.

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