Chris Kaman use to play one of the Cavemen in the Geico commercials. Now he's in the NBA! Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Preview: Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers

My wife and I went out of town for a week last month and one of her favorite shows is “The Biggest Loser”, so I set the DVR to record the episode she would miss. When we got home, my DVR had recorded 4 Laker games, and no TV show.

It has to suck pretty badly to be a Lakers fan right now. They embarrassed themselves this offseason by posting billboards all over the city begging Dwight Howard to stay, only to be turned down for the better looking Prom date. Then they acted like they never wanted him in the first place. Sour grapes. To heal the secretly broken hearts of Laker Land, Mitch Kupchak extended Geriatric Kobe with a 2 year, $48.5 million contract. He’s played in 6 games since, and the Lakers lost 4 of them. They’re 18-35 on the season and 13 games out of the 8rd seed. Need I continue?

On the other end of the spectrum, the Houston Rockets are the hottest team in basketball. Rifling off seven straight wins before the All-Star break. Houston hits the road for 5 straight games and currently finds themselves slated in the 3rd seed in the Western Conference.

D12 portrays tonight is “just another game” but nobody believes him, especially Vanessa Bryant. She knows a liar when she sees one (except when it’s Kobe).

Tip-off is at 9:30 PM CST, can be seen on CSN Houston/ESPN and heard on 790AM. Rockets @ Lakers tickets are still available if you’re in the LA area.

The Matchups

Point Guard

Patrick Beverly vs. Steve Blake

You got the Rockets the first time Steven, LA was only down by 2 when you drained it. Unless you can hit a 21 point shot at the buzzer tonight, it’s not happening again

Advantage: Rockets


Shooting Guard

James Harden vs. Kendall Marshall

Marshall is coming off a big game against the Thunder, where he dished out 17 assists. That’s cute. Harden’s going to win this battle every time.

Advantage: Rockets


Small Forward

Chandler Parson vs. Wesley Johnson

Chandler logged 18/12 last week against the Wizards.  He also shot 50% from behind the arc.

Advantage: Rockets

The only thing worth cheering for in LA is the Lakers Girls. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports


Power Forward

Terrence Jones vs. Shawne Williams

After coming off a Rising Stars Challenge win, Jones now looks forward to coming back as an All-Star later on down the road.

Advantage: Rockets



Dwight Howard vs. Chris Kaman

Kaman may need a few more “mini-naps” on the bench throughout tonight’s game if he wants to keep up with Dwight. Dwight’s looking to make a statement tonight.

Advantage: Rockets



Rockets: None

Lakers: K. Bryant (OUT), S. Nash (DTD), N. Young (OUT), P. Gasol (OUT), X. Henry (OUT) Laker Fans Souls



The Rockets are healthy and hot, the Lakers are broken and not. Dwight makes Laker Nation question whether they should have put up just a few more billboards.

Rockets win easy: 115-95

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