NBA Trade Deadline: Three Trades The Houston Rockets Should Consider

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We all love speculating on Twitter. We love using the trade machine. Everyone loves it and they can’t deny it.

Remember the first day you played EPSN NBA 2K__ or NBA Live? You selected the Houston Rockets and acted as GM of your favorite team. You traded away Rafer Alston or Scott Padgett along with every first round pick possible because you wanted to give Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming a third star. Or maybe you had this very Rockets team and decided that LeBron James or Kevin Durant would look good in Rockets red? (side note: they would) 

Well, over the past few months, weeks, days, and certainly over the next 24+ hours, I know all of y’all will be thinking of crazy, ridiculous trades. Hey, it’s a lot of fun, and who knows, the proposals may be crazy but they may just work!

Here are three different Rockets trades that could benefit the Rockets in different ways.

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