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Houston Rockets: The Rajon Rondo Push Rumor Update

Daryl Morey must love this time of year. Snacking on Snickers bars and tossing back cans of Monster like he’s on the floor of Wall Street. I can hear him on the phone all the way from his office at the Toyota Center, “GIVE ME YOUR FIRST BORN OR THE DEAL IS OFF!”

The push, is for Rajon Rondo. He has to be close to all in at this point. Also thinking, knock this trade out early enough today and possibly have time move Omer Asik. The 7 foot waste of talent, that prefers to sit on the bench and cry, rather than play.

UPDATE: Sam Amick has been good to Rockets fans (broke the Howard signing), but this one isn’t as fun.

Of course they haven’t spoken! That’s because we text nowadays. No one actually talks on the phone!

Here’s the other latest buzz:





The talks are further away than we think according to Marc Stein. He elaborates:

The Rockets want to acquire Boston Celtics star point guard Rajon Rondo, according to sources familiar with Houston’s thinking.

Yet sources told that talks between the teams have not progressed to a serious stage because the sides can’t agree on a trade framework both can embrace.

My thoughts: Maybe the league is finally catching up to Morey. They’re tired of getting robbed.

One main stumbling block, sources said, is Boston’s desire to acquire blossoming Houston swingman Chandler Parsons in a potential Rondo deal. But sources say the Rockets have informed the Celtics that they are not prepared to surrender Parsons as part of a Rondo package.

My thoughts: Parson’s is apart of the plan, not an asset. All those years of sitting in NBA purgatory isn’t going to go down the drain on Morey’s watch.

The Celtics have consistently denied that Rondo will be dealt before Thursday’s 3 p.m. ET deadline. There have been strong indications all season that Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck wants to keep Rondo in Boston to give the former All-Star point guard, who’s still in the early stages of his recovery from a torn ACL, ample time to form a partnership with new coach Brad Stevens

My thoughts: I don’t understand this logic by the Celtics owner. I can’t see Rondo all of the sudden gelling and making the Celtics a good team.

Comcast SportsNet New England has a good post on Rondo’s trade deadline history here. To sum it up:

Same [expletive], different trade deadline. But maybe, just maybe, he’s sent packing this time.

We’ll have to wait this one out.  At least David Stern isn’t around anymore to crap on Morey’s efforts.

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