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The NFL: A Great Place For Drugs


What do you get when you mix Ambien, Morphine, and alcohol? Darren Sharper love potion.

Reports came out on Friday that Darren Sharper was being charged with rape. ESPN.com wrote:

Prosecutors charged former NFL safety Darren Sharper on Friday with raping and drugging two women in California, and disclosed he is under investigation in connection with five more drug-related rapes in three other states.

Sharper briefly appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court, where his arraignment was postponed until Feb. 20 at the request of his lawyers. They issued a statement saying he would be exonerated.

Prosecutors then filed a motion to increase Sharper’s bail to $10 million, and outlined details of investigations involving him in Las Vegas, Tempe, Ariz., and New Orleans.

Sharper has not been charged in the other jurisdictions.

In the bail motion, Los Angeles County investigator John Maccharella described a pattern in which the former football star met women at clubs or parties and lured them to a hotel room, where they were allegedly drugged and raped.”

The world wide leader in sports – ESPN.com only scratched the surface with their report. I’m guessing their ties with the NFL has limited them to releasing everything about the case.

Deadspin wrote a detailed piece that you can find here. They highlight a consistent story between all of the victims.

Upon arriving, he offered both a shot of what he called “Coffee Petron.”

He offered all three a shot….

…drank a drink provided by him…

Sharper gave both of them shots…”

Deadspin also has a copy of the bail motion on their post.

The tally is 11 druggings and 7 rapes for Sharper. That’s quite the number.

Sharper isn’t an ugly dude, so this is kind of surprising. One has to wonder, how long has this been going on, and why the [expletive] would he drug women and rape them? He’s a former NFL player, has money, and from all of the reports he’s a charismatic guy. Did he really need to drug these women to sleep with him?

I find it hard to believe that he had a difficult time finding women to sleep with him. It’s also hard to believe that seven women from four different states are lying. Especially when they all have the same story.

Prescription drugs and the NFL is nothing new. The drug of choice for most NFL players is Adderall. Brandon Marshall of the Chicago Bears has said that, players have taken Viagra to boost testosterone during games. Name a prescription drug, and a NFL player can score it.

It doesn’t stop when players retire from the NFL. Retired players struggle with addictions to painkillers.

There is no real way to regulate NFL players from becoming familiar, with prescription drugs. They’re given multi million dollar contracts and work in performance based industry. They’ll find ways to use medicine, to help them get a contract. A million dollars will make a lot of people do stupid things.

The relevance between Sharper and the prescription drug abuse that exist in the NFL, is that all of these players talk to each other. A player has trouble sleeping one night. He mixes some morphine with Ambien, and he sleeps like a baby. He tells his boys about it, and it becomes a remedy like grandma’s cold recipe.

That recipe got in the wrong person’s hands.

I was speaking to some lawyer friends of mine on Friday evening, about this case. One of them told me that being charged with rape is one of the hardest things to fight in court. A jury is going to prejudge the defendant no matter what. In most cases it’s a loss. Also stating, that a rape allegation is one of those crimes that will stick with a person even if they’re found innocent and it’s more likely for someone to fly under the radar after being accused of murder.

That being said, I don’t think that Sharper is going to walk away from these charges.

If what Sharper is being accused of is true, it’s sick and disturbing. How could he possibly think that he could get away with this?

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