The Astrodome: National Treasure or Impending Implosion?

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Recently the Astrodome was designated (finally) as a National Landmark (Treasure) by the National Parks Service.  As previously stated, I’m forever the optimist when it comes to things like this.

The Astrodome is an important part of the history of Houston, and that of Major League Baseball. Obviously, albeit at the 11th hour, the National Parks Service thinks so as well.

Just because the National Parks Service designated the Eighth Wonder of the World as a National Landmark doesn’t mean the Dome will be saved. This could very well end up in a small sign being erected somewhere in what could soon be extra parking spots for Reliant Stadium.

The question now, is will it make any difference in the end?

I could sit here and spout off all of the cool things that happened there, from Mickey Mantle knocking the first home run under the Dome, to record setting professional wrestling events. 28 years of Houston Oilers football, to Muhammad Ali knocking out Cleveland Williams in 1966.

We’ve all been bombarded with reasons we should or shouldn’t save the Astrodome from demolition. Yes, it’s true. An extra $200 million charged to the Harris County taxpayer is a lot to ask. Also, only about 13% of eligible voters showed up at the polls to vote on the measure to save or destroy the Dome, so perhaps it’s not as high on everyone’s to-do list as others.

I’d like to think that there is more support out there for the Astrodome’s historic value. But unfortunately there are just as many people I’ve talked to that would rather see it blown up faster than 1989 Kevin Bass could grow a mustache. (That’s fast.)

I personally have many fond memories of the Astrodome and would like to see it preserved in some way, shape, or form. With a little preparation and perhaps a few alternatives to their “all or nothing” type of plans, perhaps the Astrodome could be repurposed and live on.

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