The Houston Texans Are A Good Bet To Win The AFC South In 2014

Every Super Bowl morning I wake up feeling a little sad knowing after the “Big Game” we are seven months away from our next NFL Sunday. This one today feels a little different and in a good way for Houston Texans fans. Why?


The NFL is known for quick turnarounds and to prove this we have to look no further than the two teams playing today. Just two seasons ago the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos were average at best and neither team had a long term solution at quarterback. Now getting that quarterback is not easy but here are two perfect examples of teams that did and in totally different ways.

The Texans, despite what some media members are saying, are one good off season away from being back on top of the AFC South. Not having Gary Kubiak and Matt Schaub provides fans with optimism as the team was never going to accomplish big things as long as they were here. Look for Houston to be back in the playoffs under Bill O’Brien and a returning core that is as good as any in the AFC.

The challenge for Rick Smith and the front office will be adding the quality depth that we have not seen since the 2011 season. Smith did a fantastic job assembling that first AFC South title winning squad, but just two seasons removed he has fans calling for his head as a once deep team has holes due to Smith not finding quality replacements for salary cap casualties.

I feel confident those all important bottom 20 roster spots will improve and better coaching will miraculously turn “bad picks” into quality contributors, poor special teams into a strength, and key injuries into opportunities for others to step up. We still don’t know if we will solve our long term quarterback issue but expect the Texans to get back on top of what is one of pro football’s weakest division.

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