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HOH Round Table: Super Bowl Predictions Part 2

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That Super Bowl Party Though…


Can Russell Wilson Outplay Peyton Manning?


Yoni Pollak Can I win the lottery tonight? Technically, yes. Not likely though.
Hal Kaiser Only if the weather ends up being so bad that passing is impossible
Brandon Campbell Yes but only because of rushing yards.
Julian Perez NO.
Alex Skandalis Yes
Corey Walker Yes, largely due to the fact that Manning will be facing the best secondary in the league.
Joey Butcha No. This was destined to be Peyton’s year since week 1.
Julian Alexander (Shake Magic Eightball) My sources say no. Denver’s defense has been on fire lately.
Marcus Chavez Ehh… Maybe… Well… No… Manning is Manning.

2 reasons why the Denver Broncos win

Yoni Pollak One word and reason: Manning
Hal Kaiser Veteran savvy of Manning combined with the wealth of weapons at his disposal.
Brandon Campbell 1) Peyton Manning 2) Denvers Offensive weapons
Julian Perez Manning. The other reason doesn’t matter, but for the sake of giving more than one as requested by co-editor @marcusdoesurmom, I’ll give you 3 more. Demarius Thomas, Erik Decker, and Wes Welker. This was THE most prolific receiving corps in the NFL this year, arguably ever. Seattle doesn’t touch them with their corps.
Alex Skandalis Broncos establish run game and can control the clock and wear down the Seattle D and forcing Wilson and their offense to play from behind. Denver makes a big play on special teams on a return
Corey Walker Peyton Manning and Julius Thomas
Joey Butcha 1. The game isn’t in Seattle. 2. The officiating will change (for the worse against Seattle’s secondary) if the Broncos are struggling
Julian Alexander The secondary. If Champ Bailey and crew played like they did in the AFC Championship game Mr. Wilson will be in for a rough day.
Marcus Chavez 1) Manning sends 300 Papa John’s Pizzas to the Seahawks hotel giving them the “food sweats” the day of the game. 2) If Denver runs a balanced attack. Going Sexy Rexy on Seattle will bite you in the ass (Sorry for making your brain work extra hard today, Julian – @wewosux)


2 reasons why the Seattle Seahawks win

Yoni Pollak A. Because Peyton Manning sucks in the cold in the playoffs. B. Eli plays instead of Peyton.
Hal Kaiser Seahawks secondary shuts down Manning, Lynch goes beast mode
Brandon Campbell 1) Lynch goes Beast mode 2) They keep the game close and make plays at the end.
Julian Perez Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch. Both will have to have significant impacts on this game for Seattle to compete. You know Marshawn Lynch will do his skittle thang. Can Sherman make a huge play? Obviously he’s capable, but he’s also going against the best QB in the NFL
Alex Skandalis They get an early lead and force Denver into having to throw the ball. Denver’s poor defense can’t get off the field all day with Lynch wearing them down and Wilson making timely throws.
Corey Walker the Legion of Boom and the X factor Percy Harvin
Joey Butcha 1. Physical play by the Seahawks’ secondary creates early turnovers. 2. The officiating will change (for the worse against Seattle’s secondary) if the Broncos are struggling.
Julian Alexander Percy Harvin, if he somehow overcomes his made of glass syndrome he is a major x factor. No one one Denver can match Harvins speed.
Marcus Chavez Seahawks’ secondary paired with Wilson’s ability to run out of the pocket.


Which team is more likely to get blown out?


Yoni Pollak Seahawks. Manning goes all Manning on them, and the Seahawks don’t play well on the road.
Hal Kaiser Seahawks. If Broncos score early and often, Wilson’s inexperience in the big game will be exposed.
Brandon Campbell Seattle will get blown out if they don’t keep their heads when Manning gets Denver up early.
Julian Perez Seattle.  Denver is capable of lighting up the scoreboard on anybody, anywhere. Seattle defense isn’t the same away from CentryLink Field. I mean come’on, Schaub threw 3 TDs when the Texans hosted the Seahawks…Okay, okay, only 2 were to his own teammates…
Alex Skandalis Seattle just because I don’t see Peyton getting blown out and John Fox could come up with a great game plan and everything could come together.
Corey Walker Denver. Seattle plays with a chip on their shoulder and Manning struggles in the cold.
Joey Butcha Seattle. Denver’s defense has quietly played very well in their past four games and will continue to do so. This coupled with the fact that there is no way the Broncos offense gets totally shut down.
Julian Alexander Broncos, Seattle’s defense is no joke. If they can shut down Julius Thomas and Wes Welker, Peyton will be out of options with Sherman on Demaryius all day.
Marcus Chavez Denver. Say all you want about how good Manning is. But “REAL TALK!!!” *CLAPS HANDS* Seattle’s team is way more balanced. Their defense is ridiculous. Plus Richard Sherman wants any reason to call Skip Bayless a bitch. Add all that up = Broncos get blown out.


“The Sleeper” Game Changer

Yoni Pollak Golden Tate. That guy loves the spotlight.
Hal Kaiser The sleeper is the weather. Forecast is looking better, but weather conditions that favor ground and pound would work to Seahawks benefit.
Brandon Campbell Denver Sleeper is Terrence Knighton (Pot Roast) because if Lynch goes crazy Seattle will be in the game no matter what.
Seattle Sleeper is Kam Chancellor because he needs to keep those Denver Offensive weapons
Julian Perez Trindon Holliday. Don’t let Holliday break off a return on you Seattle, which may be all it takes to start a Denver Avalanche
Alex Skandalis Percy Harvin is such an explosive player and will want to contribute in the most important game while being gone all season
Corey Walker Cliff Avril. Disrupts Manning and makes him uncomfortable in the pocket. Causes turnovers
Joey Butcha Broncos kicker Matt Prater. Peyton will move the ball and Seattle will get their stops. If Prater continues to be automatic, it will be huge for Denver
Julian Alexander Julius Thomas. Seattle does not have a answer for this guy. Earl Thomas is to small to cover him and the can not afford to put Sherman on him with Demaryius out there.
Marcus Chavez I think this might be the game where Von Milliers absences hurts the Broncos. Get well soon Von. I hear medical marijuana helps cure everything.


Top 5 Defensive Performers to watch


Yoni Pollak Pot Roast, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Champ Bailey, Kam Chancellor
Hal Kaiser Sherman, Rodgers-Cromartie, Wagner, Avril, Phillips
Brandon Campbell Terrence Knighton, Richard Sherman,Kam Chancellor, Bruce Irvin, Earl Thomas
Julian Perez Michael Bennett, Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman, Danny Trevathan, Shaun Phillips.
Alex Skandalis Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Champ Bailey, Kam Chancellor and Terrance Knighton
Corey Walker - Earl Thomas, Cliff Avril, Richard Sherman, Terrence Knighton, Danny Travatheon
Joey Butcha LB Danny Trevathan, CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, DE Malik Jackson, CB Richard Sherman, FS Earl Thomas
Julian Alexander Champ Bailey, Rodgers-Cromartie, Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman, Red Bryant
Marcus Chavez Seattle’s Secondary


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