Who Will the Houston Texans Cut?

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In my last write-up I outlined the reality that the Houston Texans could be replacing more than half of their starters from 2013.

Here are six players under contract that could be let go.

Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

1. QB Matt Schaub- Cutting Schaub is not a groundbreaking prediction. However, it is the most telling one about what management thinks the future holds.

All of the $10.5 million remaining guaranteed money owed to him can be absorbed on the 2014 cap, or the Texans can make him a June 1st designation and spread out some of it to 2015.

The first scenario would save them $4 million against this year’s cap, where the latter would save them $11 million, with a $7 million penalty in 2015.

If the Texans truly are a “WIN NOW” team then they will need the most cap room possible to add quality players through free agency. If they believe their window is 2015 and beyond, expect them to eat all of the money this year.

I think they take their medicine (full dose) this year so the Schaub mistake can be put behind them.

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