A Look At The Houston Astros Starting Pitchers

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Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The starting rotation of the Houston Astros were ranked as one of the worst in baseball last season. All across the team stat sheet, Houston’s starting rotation saw their name near the bottom in every category. 

ERA – 4.79 (Last in MLB)

ERA+ – 85 (Last in AL)

SIERA – 4.52 (29th in MLB)

FIP – 4.42 (27th in MLB)

xFIP – 4.39 (29th in MLB)

K/9 rate – 6.62 (26th in MLB)

BB/9 rate – 3.62 (Last in MLB)

BABIP – .307 (27th in MLB)

WAR – 7.1 (25th in MLB)

So you get the idea now, right? The Astros starting rotation last season was bad … really bad. However, the Astros have made a few moves this off-season that have reshaped the starting rotation and will most likely keep them from seeing their name in the bottom five of almost every starting pitching category. So without further or do, here is a look at the Astros revamped starting rotation heading into the 2014 season:

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