Gallery Furniture Saves You Money If The Seattle Seahawks Win

When you think furniture in Houston you think Gallery Furniture, and you probably heard them in the news once or twice these past few weeks. Let’s just say their first promotion during the Conference Championship games didn’t go so well for the store’s bank account.


Yup. And as a customer all you had to do was pick the winners of both the AFC and NFC Championship games. Customers who spent $5,000 in furniture, had it brought to their houses before the game and were refunded if they correctly picked the two winners.

80% of customers (more than 100 total customers) correctly picked the Seahawks and Broncos. Here’s what Jim “Mattres Mack” McIngvale had to say about the promotion.

“I took a deep breath and gulped in my throat. Six hundred thousand dollars of free furniture. Eighty percent of the customers were smart and picked the right teams. We’re getting ready to give back $600,000 and it will hurt the bank account but will make those customers account happy.”

Will that stop Mattress Mack? Not at all. Gallery Furniture has now announced their Super Bowl promotion and this time it’s even simpler. If you buy $6,000 worth of furniture and the team from Seattle wins the big game, then you get your ENTIRE purchase back!


So I went to Twitter to see if anyone was thinking about joining the promotion and it looks like a few people are going to give it a go.

Mr. Mattress Mack, I hope your psychic is correct about the Broncos winning or you could be in an even bigger hole come Monday.

So what are you waiting for Houstonians?!? Go buy yourself several nice pieces of furniture and hope the Seattle Seahawks don’t go all Matt Schaub on your televisions on Sunday. Good luck!

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