HOH Round Table: 2014 Predictions

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“Well 2013 sure was tough for us Houstonians, but I think we bounce back in 2014. My upset special is: The Dash will be the most successful soccer team in Houston this year.” – Euan Leith

Okay guys, the blog post is over! Euan just ruined everything for everyone!

I tend to agree with Euan, I do think that we’ll have a bounce back year in Houston, well too an extent.

Here’s a fun fact about me, I work in the sales/marketing/advertising world. Like most businesses, we start of the year looking at budgets and projections for each quarter (Hey, look at me! I start off sentences like Brittany Norwood! Like… like… like ***twirls hair).

So, I brought it up to the staff, and asked them for some early Q1 projections/predictions for 2014. A handful of the guys got back to me with some solid “It’s way too early to guess, I hate you for this, Chavez” feedback.

Like, I’m sorry guys. Like, it wasn’t my intention. Like, here’s what they said, hit the arrow —>

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