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Wanted: 2014 Houston Texans Quarterback

QB or not QB? That is the question.


I believe that is a famous line from a William Shakespeare play. No? Oh well, even if it wasn’t written by Shakespeare (which is highly likely), I hope that is the question all members of the Houston Texans staff will be asking themselves over the coming months in preparation for the NFL draft in early May.

In the weeks that the city of Houston has had to recover from the train wreck that was the 2013 Houston Texans, there seems to be three popular options with what the Texans should do with the #1 overall pick:

1) Draft a quarterback

2) Draft Jadeveon Clowney

3) Trade down and acquire a number of draft picks for this draft and future drafts

The second and third options on this list do not appeal to me, and here’s why:

  • Clowney is a special talent, I get that, but I think it was clear to see that our defensive line wasn’t the main reason our team lost 14 games in a row to end the season. This defense was banged up with injuries all year. Brian Cushing and Danieal Manning were two guys that any defense would struggle to not have on their team.
  • Trading down does not always work out and you don’t always get a good deal. There is no RG3 in this draft, I think we can all agree on that, so the Texans are not going to get a boat load of good picks like St. Louis did from Washington. It’s not very often that a team gets the #1 pick in the NFL, or hopefully not very often, and I think the Rick Smith and Bill O’Brien need to pull the trigger on this gift they have and take a franchise QB.

Now for option number one, I am fully on board with this and don’t have a very strong preference between Bridgewater, Bortles, or Manziel because they were all great in college.

All three of them will not be great in the NFL. Heck, only one of them may turn out to be a good to great NFL quarterback, but that would still mean the Texans have a 33% chance of landing a QB that can lead them for many years to come.

That’s a 33% increase compared to the quarterbacks Bill O’Brien has on his roster right now. Bridgewater has the leadership and poise, Bortles has the toughness and physique, and Manziel has the excitement and game-changing abilities.

If they could all morph into one quarterback, that would be really great for the Texans, but that’s about as likely to happen as Shakespeare actually writing the quote at the top of this article. What could happen is that one of those quarterbacks may develop one of the others skills and separate himself from the rest of the pack.

Whether it’s Bridgewater, Bortles, or Manziel, it doesn’t really matter to me. I just ask that the Texans take a chance with a quarterback because in my opinion it’s better to strike out swinging than to strike out looking, and if Rick Smith strikes out looking this year he could be looking for a new job this time next year.


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  • Chris smith

    If they’re to gamble on a QB then gamble on johnny manziel. There are no guarantee that any of the players taken in the draft will pan out. I’d prefer they beef up that offensive line before trying to settle on a franchise QB. A good O line can make a QB look great when on the other hand, no QB looks good when he has defenders in his face as soon as he takes the snap. This team needs O line, OLB, and safety help as well. I don’t believe taking a rookie QB is going to fix it all. And I remember the last time the texans took a highly rated QB in the draft before they had an O line in place to protect him……..David Carr.

    • Yoni Pollak

      The QB discussion will go on up until the selection itself. I do agree this team needs OL and OLB help, and I expect those to be taken high in the draft, depending on what happens beforehand. Derek Newton was NEVER the answer, and they may need help at LG as well if Wade Smith leaves. No words can describe how confused I am with Brooks Reed’s performance this season. I expect them to deal with the OLB situation early in the draft as well.

    • Euan Leith

      There’s so much time between now and the draft that I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there are 5-7 names that become potential #1 overall picks. I think we have enough good OL parts that we cant wait until the second or third round to address those needs.
      What this team desperately needs is a franchise QB. 11 of the 12 playoff teams this year have a franchise quarterback (Andy Dalton being the odd man out). The 2014 NFL is a quarterback driven lead. If you gave me the Seahawks defense (best defense in the league IMO) against Aaron Rodgers (best QB in the league IMO) during the last drive of a football game, and had to pick who would come out on top, I would pick Rodgers 10 times out of 10.
      I agree that we do have more needs that just QB, I just feel that QB is the most important need and should be addressed first.

      • Chris smith

        There’s no Aaron Rodgers in this draft. They need a QB but none of the QB’s in this draft are worth the # 1 overall. They should trade out and collect picks.

        • Euan Leith

          Well no one can say for sure that the next Aaron Rodgers isn’t in this draft class. Aaron Rodgers was drafted 25th overall, behind Alex Smith, so I feel that it’s impossible to say what a quarterback can develop into, but I do feel one of those three quarterbacks give us the best chance to bounce back into the playoffs next year rather than Clowney, Barr, or Jake Matthews.
          However, if they can trade out of the number one pick but still stay in the top 5 or 6 then that could be a good option too. That way we are still guaranteeing ourselves one of the best players in the draft (a QB hopefully) and some better talent down the line to address O Line, LB, or Safety.

          • Chris Smith

            I guess you can’t ever tell who’s gonna flop as a high end pick or who’ll be a great find later in the draft, like you just said being Aaron Rodgers was taken after smith but turned out to be a much better player, so wouldn’t it be better to get as many picks as possible?

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