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James Harden Love/Hate

Look at that guy right there. No, not the guy with the Gatorade in his hand. The guy with the beard. Wouldn’t you just love to know what him and Kevin Durant are laughing about? I’m going to give it a shot (no pun intended):

“Hey bro, did you see how I went 10 for 30 the other night? LOLS!!”

“Everyone on the Pelicans was guarding me and I still shot the ball!”

“Pass? Play Defense? HAHAHA! I just laughed so hard I peed myself a little!”

“So the other day, I called Omer, Judge Reinhold. It was LOLS for days.”

There’s no doubt that James Harden is the best shooting guard in the league. There’s just something about him that annoys me, that I can’t quite put my finger on. OH WAIT! I GOT IT! Everything else he does besides score.

If you’re familiar with my posts, you already know that I have a love/hate relationship with James Harden. I wrote a blog post earlier this month, ranting about how Harden has dissociative identity disorder (he’s two different players). If only Harden could master something else besides scoring… I don’t know… like play defense or something?

Hi James Harden, if you’re listening… be more than a one trick pony.  I promise, no more hating. Show me some effort, and I’ll delete each one of my “Hater” blog posts and we will never speak of this again.

I took it to Twitter to see who loves James Harden and who hates him. It looks a little something like this:


LeBron James loves him some leftie Harden.


Mr. Scroog not only loves Harden, but he loves the knicks players, Durant and Westbrook.


(Hieroglyphic) A. (Hieroglyphic) swears their love to Harden


Whiteboy and I, kind of see eye to eye, when it comes to Harden.


Trill Jackson, loves him some french fries and Harden


Okay let’s see who hates James Harden.  


Dan seems to hate Harden and  Miley. Take it easy on Miley, Dan. She’s done nothing to you.


Whoa brah! Those are fighting words.


Meagan just lays it all there, with her hate for Harden.


Seriously Dan! Your beef is with Harden not with Miley, leave her out of this. She has done nothing but great things to the pole licking industry.


Amy, that’s kind of a low blow.


I wonder what Jon thinks now…


This guys name is kind of awesome. CHAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I have more love than hate for Harden. I’d say if anything, he’s just frustrating to watch at times.

Tune in next week folks, as I try to see why Dan hates Harden so much (I’ll be honest, I need to see why he hates Miley).


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  • Brandon Paul Hamm

    In one word, No. James Harden is the reason we win most nights,
    especially last night and came back from a 17 point deficit in the 4th.
    Did you even watch the game? We played horrible. Hot on the road from a 3
    and 1 streak and headed into OKC tonight. Which, had we lost last
    night, would be a for sure loss tonight, but now seems like a potential
    win. All you did in this post was talk about how people are stupid on
    twitter. This post should have been called: James Harden: The best thing
    to ever happen to Cleveland, or James Harden: SVU, or something else
    completely irrelevant. You should have posted more pictures of peoples
    opinions with sanscript in their name or that look like they are 14. I
    bet half the people who hate him are from LA anyway. Did Steve Nash
    retire yet? James harden sucks at defense. YES. But he is good enough at
    offense that he doesn’t need to be every night. Hello McFly, have you
    ever heard of Kevin Martin? Blake Griffin? Carlos Boozer? CARMELO
    ANTHONY? I would have rather you done a post on why Kevin McHale one of
    the most dominate defensive players in basketball history runs a 10-15th in the
    league defense. Now thats a question. You did get one thing right
    though, one trick “pony”: Those teeth in that picture? Mr Ed for sure.
    Why am I not writing for this site yet? Keep up the good work on the
    posting though, we the masses are listening!

    Side note: Irrelevant yet hilarious pictures

  • marcusdoesurmom

    It seems like a potential win against OKC, because we barely beat the Pelicans [the carnival trash of the NBA]? What does that even mean? I’m assuming you read the title and decided to jump straight to the comments. This post and it’s title has served it’s purpose, if for no other reason a very “meh…” illogical comment, on your part. Much like the tweets above. Your assumptive slander was trolled out of you faster than a James Harden turnover.

    Do me a favor, reread the post. Then mosey on back to the comment section, and enlighten me. If you would like some footnotes, I’m here to help.

    In all seriousness, I do appreciate criticism. It makes me stay on top of my game. For that, I say – Touche’ good man.

    I wonder if criticism would help Harden’s game?