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Houston Texans: Bob McNair Talks Up Jadeveon Clowney

Bob McNair spoke to Drew Doughtery (Houston about Jadeveon Clowney, and then the twittersphere had a mini-explosion. Clowney?!? Not a quarterback?!? Calm down folks. It’s just an interview. Check it out here.

Everyone loves to compare Clowney with former Texans 1st overall pick, Mario Williams. Here’s what McNair had to say about the two:

He’s one of these players who’s a once-in-every-10 years kind of physical specimen that comes along. Mario Williams was that way. I think Clowney is actually a better athlete than Mario.

But that’s not all. McNair went on to talk about Clowney with J.J. Watt.

Like many of these players that have great physical attributes, they didn’t have to work as hard in junior high school and high school and in college to be a superlative athlete because they have this natural ability. He’s not a J.J. Watt. J.J. didn’t have that natural ability. He worked. He developed his. I said, ‘J.J., I don’t know what will happen, but if we get Clowney, we want you to instill in him the same kind of work habits that you have.’ He said, ‘If he’s in the same room with me, then he’ll have them.

Yes, that sound you hear is me salivating. Clowney and Watt on the same defensive line would be amazing. Constant pressure and beastliness. Wow. Insane.

Everyone loves to compare this first overall pick with the one in 2006. Then, the Texans selected the DE (Williams) over the “favorites” Reggie Bush and Vince Young. This year, we could see something similar. As much as I’d like to see a quarterback taken first overall, I wouldn’t be totally disappointed if they take Clowney.

Texans management knows they need a quarterback. They’re going to find one. If the Texans take Clowney at first overall, they’ll likely draft another quarterback VERY soon after. Whether it’s trading up for one, or waiting at 2.1 for another, the Texans WILL have a different quarterback in 2014. If the Texans don’t feel comfortable with any quarterback at 1.1, expect them to take Clowney.

To vote on which player you want the Texans to take at 1.1, click here.


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