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TMZ Report: Arian Foster Being Sued

As if the Houston Texans haven’t had enough negative publicity this season, TMZ is reporting that a woman is suing Arian Foster.

Why would anyone sue Mr. Foster? Well apparently, Foster tried to force a woman into an abortion and had others help him apply pressure as well. According to TMZ, a woman named Brittany claims that Foster impregnated her a few months ago, and Foster has been trying forcing her into an abortion ever since. In case you were wondering, Foster is married to a different woman. From the TMZ report;

In her lawsuit, the woman — who says she’s currently 17 weeks pregnant — alleges that after she found out she was with child, Arian “constantly harassed [her] to get an abortion for the child.”Brittany also claims Arian “used family members to additionally harass [her] to get an abortion.”In her suit, Brittany claims Arian’s brother approached her and told her, “If you love [Arian] so much you would get an abortion.”Brittany claims the child is due in June — and she has already obtained a DNA test showing there’s a 99.9% probability that Arian is her baby daddy.

Brittany is looking for child support as well damages for emotional distress. She’d also like a restraining order on Foster to stop him from pressuring her into an abortion.

Whether this report is true or not, Foster’s reputation and stock has plummeted, literally. Remember the Arian Foster IPO that was announced in October? Well good thing that never took off, because if this report is true, you can kiss that stock goodbye. Since the announcement of the stock, Foster had hamstring injuries reoccur, back surgery, and now this. At this point, I’d rather buy Jonathan Grimes stock!

Foster is well-known for some of his shenanigans. He quit Twitter last March, though was well known for his philosophical tweets, as well as tweeting out a picture of his own MRI. Foster appeared Hawaii Five-0 last year. He’s also well known for his meat-vegan-whoknowswhat diet that he switches every here and there. Oh, and don’t forget, he also admitted to taking money in college.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, this guy always seems to be in the news one way or another.

What’s next?!?


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