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Houston Rockets Trade Rumors Update

The Houston Rockets are good, but they’re not quite there yet. Many fans know this and Daryl Morey likely knows this as well. The Rockets have several players “reportedly” available, and are out scouring the market to improve their team.

According to Ken Berger (CBS Sports), the Rockets and Brooklyn Nets have explored a deal which would have sent Deron Williams to Houston in exchange for Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik. From Berger;

But the subject of a Dwight-Deron duo was broached again in recent weeks, with the Rockets and Nets briefly delving into the particulars of a deal that would’ve sentOmer Asik and Jeremy Lin to the Nets for Williams. It made sense on many levels. The Nets would’ve gotten an insurance policy at center for the often-injured Brook Lopez (who has since been injured again and is out for the year). The Rockets would’ve solved their own center problem, as Asik doesn’t want to remain in Houston. They’ve been trying to get off the Lin contract, and the Nets are one team that wouldn’t mind his $15 million balloon payment next season. All the better to stick it to the Knicks.

The deal is now dead after William’s ankle problems resurfaced. The Rockets could re-explore this deal closer to the February 20th deadline if William’s ankle problems prove to be minor.

The Rockets are also reportedly interested in Mike Dunleavy. Dunleavy, 33, is shooting 40.3% from beyond the arc, and averaging just over 11 points per game. The Rockets were reportedly interested in the shooter earlier this offseason, but Dunleavy chose to sign with the Bulls. With Derrick Rose out for the season, and the recent trade of Luol Deng, the Bulls are likely looking to just unload the veteran elsewhere and take anything back in return.

Art Tellem, agent of Omer Asik, is also the agent for Donatas Motiejunas. Motiejunas is also unhappy with his playing time in Houston, and reportedly just wants to play. A D-Mo and Ronnie Brewer for Mike Dunleavy trade makes way too much sense for it not to happen. The Bulls would get a young player with potential and trade away nothing, whereas the Rockets get a shooter they could definitely use off the bench. A win-win.

There’s not much more of an update regarding Omer Asik. He’s still injured and though the Rockets may want to deal the big man, a trade likely won’t happen until much closer to the deadline. Click here to see what I’d like in an Asik trade.

Daryl Morey loves to make moves and there’s a near-zero percent chance he doesn’t make a move before the deadline.

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