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Poll Of The Week: Is Houston Fair-Weather?

The first full work week of the year is in the books. How was your first week? Was it full of “LOLS”, “WTFS”, and “;)”? Or was it the same (expletive), different year?

A New Year, there’s so much hope. But we’re humans, and creatures of habit. So some of these New Year Resolutions that we make to ourselves, are going to out the window. The diet, smoking, gym, drinking less, or drinking more for some people. That promise that you made to yourself, that you’ll get a new job or that promotion you always wanted.  But you can’t kiss ass, like Debbie from accounting kisses ass, so you’re stuck in that same cubical, hating Debbie the rest of your life. Or maybe it’s settling down and finally putting a ring on it (Babe, if you’re reading this, stop leaving little notes around the house with your ring size.)

There’s always some reason New Year Resolutions are never kept. It’s one thing that trips you up and sends you back down that path.

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty pumped at the start of the New Year. Bill O’Brien was named the Texans head coach at about 11 PM on New Year’s Eve. Shots when the shots started to flow. I was nice and jolly.

Eight days into this new year, I was down on Houston sports. My childhood baseball hero, Craig Biggio was not elected into the Hall of Fame.  I was angry.  Once again, Houston sports  was overlooked.

I started to think about it. Why is Houston, the “Charlie Brown” of the sports world? Why must we get our hopes up, only to have Lucy pull that football out from under us? What’s wrong with Houston?

Does it have something to do with the transplants that move across the country to live here, because of our economy? Do we have a fair-weather fan base?

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with Houston. This city is amazing. We have great sports franchises, with good owners, that want to win.

So it has to be the fans, right? Are we fair-weather?

If some Boston Red Sox player didn’t get elected into the Hall Of Fame, based on the same circumstances that Biggio didn’t get in, would the BBWAA change the rules? I mean it’s safe to assume that a Boston fans are kinda crazy. I’m sure death threats would be sent to certain voters.

We already know that ESPN would broadcast this news 24/7.

I honestly can’t answer if this is a fair-weather city or not. I meet plenty of people that follow our franchises, no matter what state they’re in. I also know that I have given a coworker a bottle of vodka, in exchange for Opening Night Rockets tickets, three months ago.  She only wanted to go because, “there’s some new guy and she thought it would be funsies!” [back story:  They were work tickets.] All it took was a bottle of crap vodka, and those tickets were in my hands.

I do know that I hate fair-weather fans. They annoy me. A sports franchise is a representation of a city. A New Year’s Resolution is a representation of a promise that you make to yourself. Just because a couple of bad things happen, is that a reason to jump ship?

Does Houston have a fair-weather fan base?

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