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Houston Astros Fans: Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Game

Life isn’t fair, and it’s probably a good thing that’s it’s not. If life was fair we would all end up like Kim Kardashian or Honey Boo Boo. Life is mind boggling and disturbing at the same time. How is stupidity rewarded? When did society sit back, shrug their shoulders, and say, “I’m okay with this…”?

I can’t watch reality TV because it’s all scripted. Speaking of scripted, the Baseball Hall of Fame voting has been on the same path for years.

Baseball is a sport that has been built on tradition. Any kind of change to the game is a huge deal. Evolving with time and technology is considered ludicrous.  For the life of me, I’ll never understand it. Change has it’s positive and it’s negatives, but if it helps the game, why not make a change? Change in baseball is as slow as the sport itself. Stepping on toes is uncomfortable.

In 2008, instant replay was introduced at the end of the season. That was a bigger joke than Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. They allowed it at a “very limited basis”. The “very limited basis” was limited to ONLY home run calls. How ridiculous is that? Oh and let’s not forget, that the first time it was ever used, was during a game featuring MLB’s golden child, the New York Yankees. Why not debut it during a Yankees game? That team is hurting for more exposure.

I could have devised a better way to implement the MLB instant replay, in my garage while playing Dodge Beer.

Then we have the Hall of Fame voting process. The process is mind-numbing stupidity. Nothing about it is cut and dry. The committee is made up traditionalist and modernist. Let’s not forget all of the politics involved. There’s only two other places in America where you’ll find a groups of people like this, Washington D.C. and a high school cafeteria.

If someone’s baseball career without question makes them an all time great, they should be in the Hall of Fame the year that they’re eligible. Waiting around a couple of years because, “Dude, you know we don’t do that first ballot Hall of Fame nonsense. We’re above that.” When did the committee become a bunch of hipsters?

I understand that voters are going to be bias, and the whole “steroids era”, still looms over some players. But the system is janky. It needs to be fixed.

My personal bias begins with the Houston Astros and Craig Biggio. He belongs in the Hall of Fame. If he doesn’t make it in today, I’ll be more pissed than when I see Honey Boo Boo on TV yelling, “When Sugar Bear wears his funeral shirt, you know he’s serious!”

The Hall of Fame voting system is a mockery. The word “fair”, can’t be used in the sentence as…

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