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BREAKING: Craig Biggio Just Misses HOF Election

Welp. For the second straight year, BBWAA voters totally screw up their HOF ballots and don’t vote in Astros legend Craig Biggio. Biggio just missed this year’s HOF by .2%. Yep, you read that correctly. He was voted on 74.8% of ballots, just missing the required 75% to be elected into the Hall Of Fame.

Jefff Bagwell was at 54.3%.

Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas will join Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa, and Bobby Cox in Cooperstown this summer. As far as your Astros legends, no dice.

If you’re wondering how many more votes Biggio needed, the answer is 2, or actually 1.25. Yep. A player with 3,060 hits just missed the Hall Of Fame by two votes. Am I pissed? Heck yea. Biggio should have been a first ballot Hall Of Famer, and now we have to wait until next year for him to get it in. The ONLY thing that would make this semi-okay is if Biggio and Bagwell get elected together next year, but for now I’m upset.

Seriously BBWAA?!? How did you screw up so badly. You have writers accusing Biggio of steroids, writers that vote just Jack Morris, and writers that even vote Armando Benitez. That’s right. ARMANDO FREAKING BENITEZ. You had 16 writers not vote for Greg Maddux. J.T. Snow. Yes, that guy! BBWAA. Why do you suck so much?!?

Here’s a list from Astros County with just some of the writers that didn’t vote for Biggio. Tweet ‘em all and annoy the heck out of them. Idiots.

Now listen. People linking Bagwell to steroids are dumb and stupid. That’s how they are. Some may change, others won’t. I accepted that he likely wasn’t going to get in this year and Bagwell has likely accepted that he wasn’t going to be elected this year. I just hope he can go in next year with Biggio. Here’s what Bagwell had to say to Mark Berman (Fox 26) just now.

It’s a travesty!

I’m going to go into my bed and cry.


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