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Bayou City Weekend Headlines: Houston Rockets May Keep Omer Asik Past Deadline

After “threatening” to trade Omer Asik earlier in the season, it appears the Houston Rockets may keep him on the squad, even past the February trade deadline. The problem for the Rockets is Asik is too good for some teams who want to lose (tank), or may be too expensive for others. If the Rockets can’t get the right value for Asik, they’ll keep him on board and hope he can provide quality minutes backing up Dwight Howard. Check out the rest of the links for more!


Houston Astros

As people throughout the country make New Year’s resolutions, here are just a few resolutions — from A to Z — that could help the Astros end their streak of three consecutive seasons with the worst records in franchise history.

  • Buster Olney (ESPN Insider) on why the Astros should be all in on Tanaka.
  • Tyler Stafford (Climbing Tal’s Hill) with three ways to fix Chris Carter.
  • Astros tweet of the weekend…


Houston Rockets

Tomjanovich had always been drawn to the collaborative parts of basketball. Still is. He was happy as a scout and as an assistant, as part of the process. Rather than pine to be the man in charge and face of the franchise, he viewed his career as if contributions made without credit are more meaningful, more rewarding.

  • Jenny Dial Creech (Houston Chronicle) on the Rockets taking a break.
  • Ken Berger (CBS) says the Rockets may keep Omer Asik past the trade deadline.
  • Rockets tweet of the weekend…


Houston Texans

O’Brien, 44, is partially defined by 14 jobs with seven college and pro organizations, and being the hard, trusted answer to systematic failure. But there would be no O’Brien without his New England-area rise. The Texans’ new leader wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Tania Ganguli (ESPN) on Wade Phillip’s departure from Houston.
  • Dale Robertson (Houston Chronicle) on the importance of family to Bill O’Brien.
  • Texans tweet of the weekend…


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