Houston Astros News And Notes: To Roof Or Not To Roof?

With the offseason in full swing, I’ll try and recap the latest small tidbits of Astros information each week. The pieces of big news will receive it’s own articles but all small information will be recapped in Astros News and Notes on each Friday.

Earlier this week, Brian McTaggart (MLB.com) said the Astros are looking for more ways to keep the roof open during games. In Houston, weather, and specifically the heat, is the biggest deterrent keeping the roof closed. However, Astros President Reid Ryan and the Astros are hoping to appease fans by having the roof open more often this season.

“In a nutshell, what I would personally like to see is us to be able to open the roof late in the game when the weather is appealing or was comfortable enough that fans would enjoy it. The one thing we know from our research — and we surveyed fans extensively this year — is people want to see the roof open more. They like the feel of outdoor baseball. So what is that [optimum] temperature? What is the [right] wind condition? What are the chances of rain? We’re still digging into all that — and once we get it, then we’ll put it out there.”

There are other issues regarding the opening and closing of the roof during the game itself. Ryan says the opposing team’s manager will be able to protest such a move if he thinks it’s more beneficial to the Astros than to his own team.

If the opposing manager thinks there’s an advantage [for the Astros], he’s able to protest. The reality is, every other ballpark in the country — minus the few that have retractable roofs — you have wind coming in, wind going out. You have clouds coming in, you have sprinkles. Baseball is a game that’s played outside. Just look at the past couple of World Series and you could see that. So we don’t want to do anything to take away from the pleasure of the fans. We don’t want to make it harder on the players. What we want to do is take this wonderful asset we have in a retractable roof and be able to open it when the conditions present themselves — so people can enjoy one of the most beautiful stadiums in baseball.

Whatever the case may be, Reid Ryan has been trying to appease fans since taking over as team’s President. Ryan has done an excellent job talking with the fans and trying to get a better sense of what the fans want from the team. I can tell you one thing Astros fans: Reid Ryan is doing an excellent job so far and I expect many more great things from him and the Astros.


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