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End Of The Season Houston Texans Power Rankings Update

And the season finally ends. From as high as the top five early in the season, to as low as 32 for much of the second half. Geeeee! It’s been one long heck of a ride! Only four writers had end of the season power rankings. The average rank of the Texans for these publications this week is 32, whereas last week it was 32. Here are each major publication’s Texans ranking in their respective power rankings.



Ranked – 32 | Last Week – 32

Houston will have the No. 1 pick for the third time in franchise history. David Carr was a bust and Mario Williams bolted after six seasons.


NFL.com (Elliot Harrison)

Ranked – 32 | Last Week – 32

Until the Texans did it this season, no team had ever started 2-0 and finished 2-14. No, you can’t blame all of that on Matt Schaub, as there are plenty of cracks in the dam: at the quarterback position, in the front seven and on special teams. Still, everyone knows this isn’t a 2-14 squad.

Hey: Even if we all overrated the talent level here, getting the first overall pick in 2014 isn’t exactly the worst thing ever.


Sports Illustrated (Chris Burke) 

Ranked – Done  | Last Week – 31

- No end of the season power rankings. Assume 32.


CBSSports (Pete Prisco)

Ranked – 32 | Last Week – 32

Who will be the coach who picks first? Will it be Bill O’Brien?


Yahoo Sports! (Frank Schwab)

Ranked – 32 | Last Week – 32

The first pick awaits. With the right pick, a good coaching hire and some injury luck, they’ll rebound fast.


Houston Chronicle (John McClain)

Ranked – Done | Last Week – 32

Ranked – Done | Last Week – 32

– No end of the season power rankings. Assume 32.


What do you think of these rankings? Texans too high on some? Too low?


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