Bayou City Headlines: Why Bill O'Brien Left Penn State

If any of ya’ll have been on Twitter over the last 48 hours, you’ve seen all the tweets regarding O’Brien and his departure from Penn State. From an article by David Jones (below), it’s clear O’Brien was frustrated being the “head honcho” at Penn State, and he wanted to be an NFL head coach. I personally have no problem with the way he left and really like what I’ve seen, heard, and read about our new Texans head coach. Check out the rest of the links for more!


Houston Astros

  • Ray Kuhn (Climbing Tal’s Hill) has some interesting thoughts about the Astros in 2014.

The last few years have been difficult to say the least for Astros fans, and the organization should not get a free pass for them. Rightfully so, those missteps frame how the team is viewed moving forward. However, there also comes a time when we need to move past them and looked towards the future. I’m not sure that time is here yet, but it is getting closer.

  • Brian McTaggart ( says the Astros are looking for ways to keep the roof open more often.
  • Ace Feltman (Climbing Tal’ Hill) shares his excitement about the 2014 Houston Astros.
  • Astros tweet of the day…


Houston Rockets

Jones finished the night with 12 points, 11 rebounds, four blocks and two steals. His consistent improvement has been a highlight this season for the team.

“I thought Terrence played with good pop,” McHale said. “We’ve got to get five or six guys playing with that pop, not one or two.”

  • Jenny Dial Creech (Houston Chronicle) with the latest on the team’s injuries.
  • 3PtsTheHardenWay (The Dream Shake) rounds up the advanced stats of the 2013 Houston Rockets.
  • Rockets tweet of the day…


Houston Texans

  • David Jones ( with an excellent on why Bill O’Brien left the Nittany Lions.

On Dec. 4, I was returning from Penn State’s men’s basketball game at Pitt when I had a 20-minute phone conversation with Bill O’Brien, who was himself driving on what he said was a recruiting trip.

It was then that I had a pretty good idea he might not be the head football coach at Penn State much longer. Because he told me so.

  • David Steele (Sporting News) says the Texans were rewarded with the top coaching prize.
  • John McClain (Houston Chronicle) on Bill O’Brien’s offense and how quarterback prospects fit.
  • Texans tweet of the day…


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