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Bayou City Headlines: Andre Johnson A Small Bright Spot

I don’t think when Andre Johnson entered the 2013 season he could care any less about his stats. The one thing on his mind for the last several seasons has been the Super Bowl, and specifically the ring. Instead, Andre Johnson played his tail off all season long for a disappointing two-win season with just one game to go. Johnson just tied Wes Welker for most seasons (5) with at least 100 receptions but won’t be playing in January. Johnson is a future Hall-Of-Famer who will again be watching the Super Bowl from his living room. Check out the rest of the links for more.


Houston Astros

Appel isn’t your typical power pitcher. He possesses an overpowering arsenal, but he goes about his craft like a technician. That doesn’t mean he’s a finished product — he has just 38 professional innings under his belt — but it does suggest his time in the minor leagues could be short.

  • Brian McTaggart ( asks 10 questions about your 2014 Houston Astros.
  • Carson Cistulli (FanGraphs) with Steamer Projections for Astros prospects.
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Houston Rockets

  • Rob Mahoney (SI) on the Rockets defensive plan on Tony Parker.

Much attention will — and should — be paid to the Rockets’ burst scoring in the first and fourth quarters, but this was a two-way victory enabled by staunch defense. Such efforts began with a direct address of Tony Parker (six points, four assists, 3-11 FG), who had his worst game of the season against a Rockets defense trained to his position at all times. That Houston’s top perimeter defender (Patrick Beverley) missed the game due to injury was almost irrelevant; Jeremy Lin did a terrific job of bothering Parker in Beverley’s stead, while the Rocket bigs stepped up and over to crowd potential driving lanes and contest Parker’s attempts.

  • Marc Stein (ESPN) on the Rockets looking better but still being cautious.
  • Fran Blinebury ( with an article “Spurs, Rockets; A Generational Shift?”
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Houston Texans

  • Ross Tucker (Sporting News) asks if the Texans should take Clowney over Bridgewater.

To be frank, what I would do is take Clowney and get another pass rusher, and then get the best quarterback available in round 2.

  • Kristie Rieken (AP) on Andre Johnson being one of the few bright spots in 2013.
  • Deepi Sidhu ( says a lot has changed since the last time the Texans and Titans faced off.
  • Texans tweet of the day…


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