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Bayou City Headlines: Rockets/Nets Discuss Deron Williams Trade

When the Rockets self-imposed trade deadline passed on Friday, many assumed the Rockets would hold onto Asik for the time being. Though that may end up being the case, it doesn’t mean the Rockets have hung up the phones for good. Reports earlier yesterday indicated that the Rockets and Nets had discussions about a potential trade that would have sent Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik to Brooklyn in exchange for Deron Williams. It would have certainly been an interesting trade but it seems like talks are currently dead between the two teams. Check out the rest of the links for more!


Houston Astros

So what is Cosart asking for this holiday season? Nothing more than spending time with his family, including his brothers and parents, at their League City home. There’s no place like home for the holidays, and Cosart revels in the privilege of getting to stay home all year.

  • Rob Neyer (Deadpsin) on Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio in the playoffs.
  • Ray Kuhn (Climbing Tal’s Hill) says the Astros should pursue Grant Balfour.
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Houston Rockets

  • Mark Deeks (SBNation) on why the Rockets still have leverage in Omer Asik talks.

For all that posturing, Houston did not trade Omer Asik. Despite much proclamation — including from here — that the Rockets were determined to trade their backup center before a self-imposed Dec. 19 deadline. They did not, nor did they ever appear to come especially close. Asik remains with the team, continuing in an awkward limbo-like situation that all parties would like changed because it benefits none of them.

  • Jonathan Feigen (Houston Chronicle) on Howard’s dominant role.
  • Michael Ma (Space City Scoop) on rumors of a potential Deron Williams-to-Houston trade.
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Houston Texans

  • Brian T. Smith (Houston Chronicle) on Matt Schaub sensing the end of his tenure with the Texans.

Matt Schaub spent 14 weeks in denial. When his 10-year career was suddenly in limbo and the Texans decided an undrafted player was a better option to save their sinking season than a 2012 Pro Bowl quarterback, Schaub initially ignored reality, sticking to stale optimism while insisting he was just waiting for another chance to lead his shaken team.

  • Deepi Sidhu (Houston Texans) on the Texans reflecting on the 2013 season that was.
  • Nick Matthews (Houston Chronicle) takes a look at several potential candidates for the 1st overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.
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