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Houston Astros News And Notes From The Past Week

The two most exciting weeks of the offseason have just passed with the Winter Meetings officially in the books. The Astros finish the Winter Meetings with two open roster spots left on the 40-man roster, and are expected to add another reliever and another bat when it’s all said and done.

The Astros lost out on a few names they were reportedly interested in signing. Mike Morse signed with the San Francisco Giants after Ken Rosenthal reported that the Astros were in serious talks with the free agent. Joba Chamberlain signed with the Detroit Tigers. Corey Hart and Logan Morrison ended up with the Seattle Mariners. Even with some of the “better” available players gone, Astros GM Jeff Luhnow thinks there are still opportunities to improve the squad, though things didn’t go their way this week.

It was actually very busy. We didn’t get across the finish line on anything, but we were busy late last night. Didn’t quite get anything across the finish line except for the (Anthony) Bass trade. But I think we laid the foundation. There are still a lot of unsigned players out there. We’ve had a lot of conversations with agents. We’ve talked to some teams. It just didn’t break our way the last three days.

The Astros made offers to several free agents this week, but weren’t able to sign anyone. Some may think the Astros make offers just for the sake of it, but Jeff Luhnow says otherwise.

We don’t make offers just to make offers. We make offers when we think the player is a good fit for us and what we’re offering has a good chance of being accepted. We do carefully consider it before putting it out there. When we make an offer, it means we’re serious about signing that player.

Jose Veras was one player they made an offer too. There is mutual interest between the two parties but as of now they have yet to agree on a deal.

Another player that could end up with the Astros is Shin-Soo Choo. Here’s what some in the baseball world think.

Reports believe Choo is demanding a 7-year $140 million contract. The Astros won’t likely go that high, especially with a draft pick attached to his price. The Astros covet draft picks and they will take that into consideration when negotiating with Choo. I can’t see the Astros going 7 years with Choo but if they can bring him down to a 6-year $120 million deal, that may be a win-win for both parties.


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