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Texans Fans vs Cowboys Fans

There are a lot of cliches when it comes to Texas. We ride horses, wear boots, “everything is bigger”, blah, blah, blah. However, there are a couple that are true, we’re a proud bunch of individuals and football consumes us in the fall/winter.

Being proud of our state and loving football is something that we were born into. We didn’t ask for these problems. They were drilled in our head as a child.

These traits are brought to a whole new level, when we talk about in-state football. In high school, your Friday nights are spent on the field or in the bleachers. After the game you’re out celebrating wins or drowning your loss, with booze.

When it comes to college recruiting, we know we have the best talent. People from Florida, California, and Ohio, can talk like they produce more talent. But the truth is, they don’t. And when we hear them say that they do, we simply roll our eyes, and say “Cool story, bro!”

College is no different. Remember a couple of years ago, when Kansas State beat every Texas college program they played? They made shirts that said, “Texas State Champs”. They couldn’t believe they accomplished such a task. I took it as a compliment. Good job K-State, how’s that K-State mask guy working out for you? Is he still slamming beers on his head after every K-State win?

I love the Texas in-state college rivalries. No matter who plays who, the games have a hometown feel. We want big hits and to demoralize the other team.

That leaves us with a huge void when it comes to the NFL. The Cowboys and the Texans aren’t exactly rivals. They have two completely different histories. The Cowboys were a powerhouse from the late 60s to the mid 90s (give or take a handful of seasons here and there). Then they flamed out shortly after AOL stopped mailing out the 1000 Free Hours of dial up internet CDs.

We all know the story of the Houston Texans. Riddled with mediocrity from the get go. It feels like we’re cursed. As if we will never get over that hump.

Yet, it seems as if we yearn for a rivalry against each other. We take jabs at each others teams. Dallas fans bring up the fact that they have won Super Bowls. Houston fans bring up that Dallas is the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

It’s a vicious cycle and both sides take it serious. Dallas fans can say that they don’t care about the Texans. But not caring would mean not talking about the Houston Franchise.

After the Cowboys loss last night, I knew that there was going to be some Cowboys/Texans rage. And there’s no better place to find disgruntled fans, homers, national media, and haters than Twitter. So without further ado, I present to you an eclectic mix of all the above, with some added commentary:


I saw a YouTube video once of a Cowboys fan breaking a beer bottle on another guys head at a tailgate.


Someone told me the Texans were in the playoff race up until last week. I laughed, then cried, then got mad. I’m emotional.




When the Texans lose I get mad at life.


It’s funny cause it’s true.


Pete Prisco 2013 predictions: Texans 10-6 and Cowboys 9-7.


Remember when the New Orleans Saints were trying to brand themselves with the “America’s Team” label? Someone forgot to tell New Orleans you’re not allowed to give yourself your own nickname.


Finally, some rationality!


Wait for it….


Nailed it!


That kind of stings a little… the Houston part

Houston and Dallas are brothers (Houston is the bigger of the two). Our cities will always have this make shift rivalry, and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hey Dallas, at least we can fire our GM!

Go Texans!

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