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Week 14 – Houston Texans At Jacksonville Jaguars: What To Watch For?

Ten straight losses. Even a loss to the same team we are playing tonight, the Jacksonville Jaguars. When the Texans faced the Jaguars less than two weeks ago, this is what I wrote. My thoughts haven’t changed much since then. The Texans lost the previous meeting to the Jaguars 13-6. Let’s take a look at “what to watch for” in today’s Texans/Jaguars game.


Game Information

7:25 PM CT, December 5, 2013

EverBank Field, Jacksonville, FL

NFL Network

You can stream the game live on NFL Live Stream and NFL Game Rewind following the game.


Note: Again, due to the Texans terrible season I felt as if we all needed a little humor in our lives to cheer us up until another Texans disappoint tonight before we finally break out of our ten-game losing streak.


  • Scandal – Scratch that. Even in the event you preferred to watch the T.V. series “Scandal” you couldn’t watch it. Why? ABC will be showing the Texans game locally so “Scandal” will be moved to the early morning. Well, I can’t blame people for being upset since “Scandal” happens to be a great show, but come on, there’s a lot more drama with this Texans team anyway. Use your DVR and watch Scandal later.
  • Tania Ganguli – For those of you that follow the Texans closely via Twitter, you know that @taniaganguli originally covered the Jaguars before covering the Texans. She’s now in her second season covering the Texans, now covering them for ESPN (originally the Houston Chroncile). Since there won’t be much to watch on TV anyway with Scandal pushed back, may as well follow twitter and try and see which team Ganguli prefers to win. #TheTaniaGanguliBowl
  • Mike Mayock – Some don’t like him, but don’t put me in that group. Mayock offers some of the best analysis on players, and I’m curious to hear his thoughts on Case Keenum.
  • THE DRAFT PICK - Tonight’s loser puts them in prime position for the first overall pick. A Texans loss dramatically improves their odds for the top pick, whereas a win would likely push them out of the running for the top pick. As I wrote earlier this week, I may be rooting against my Houston Texans.


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