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Bayou City Headlines: The Houston Texans Can Still Make The Playoffs



Houston Astros

  • Jeff Sullivan (FanGraphs) on the different potential the Astros and Rockies received in yesterday’s trade.

When you’re a bad team, you might want to sign good free agents to try to get better. A tricky part is getting those good free agents to want to play for your bad team. Teams don’t get much worse than the current Houston Astros, and according to recent reports, they’ve tried with no success to lure quality players from the market. Thankfully for bad teams, free agency isn’t the only way to improve by addition. Players have to play for you if you trade for them, and later on Tuesday, the Astros picked up Dexter Fowler from the Rockies, at the cost of Jordan Lyles and Brandon Barnes. The Rockies will also send a player to be named later, but I doubt that that will be the interesting part.

  • Brian McTaggart ( on the Astros options at the Winter Meetings.
  • Jose De Jesus Ortiz (Houston Chronicle) says the Fowler deal won’t block George Springer from the majors.
  • Astros tweet of the day…


Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets sit at 13-6. Their season has been marked by extreme highs and severe lows. Unfortunately, for the Rockets, an NBA game takes place over the course of four quarters rather than just three. The impetus is on Coach Kevin McHale to instill discipline into his players and avoid lethargy. However, there are simple issues that are currently looming over the Rockets yet to be addressed. What could have been a signature and season defining streak close to November gave way to a frustrating reminder of the roster’s shortcomings in December.

  • Jenny Dial Creech (Houston Chronicle) spoke with Aaron Brooks who has high hopes for this team.
  • Clutchfans (Video) with highlights from Isaiah Canaan’s 25 point (7-12 from three) performance the other night.
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Houston Texans

  • Dave Zangaro (CSN Houston) on the Texans players not liking Thursday night games.

Many Texans said it is difficult to get their bodies prepared for another football game with three fewer days to prepare. Tate, who has been dealing with cracked ribs, is one of the players who might be affected but he said he’ll just have to get in as much treatment as he can in the shorter week.

  • Chris Burke (SI) tells us how the Houston Texans can still make the playoffs.
  • Mike Kerns (LYSBpodcast) has 10 things he hates about the Texans.
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