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Why You Should Root For The Houston Texans To Lose On Thursday

“You’re a terrible fan for rooting against your Texans!” Say it. See what I care. You can bash my fandom all you want. I don’t mind. I (think I) know what’s best for this team and a MEANINGLESS win over the Jacksonville Jaguars is NOT what’s good for this team.

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Our Houston Texans are 2-10 and currently the worst team in the league. Are they the least talented on paper? Probably not. You could argue this team is a top 10-15 team in terms of talent yet it hasn’t shown up in the standings. But paper doesn’t matter and a 2-10 record means no playoffs.

The Texans have lost 10 games in a row and fans just want to see their team win. Heading to Jacksonville to face the Jaguars gives the Texans a perfect opportunity (and was two weeks ago as well) to break their losing streak. But Texans fans, I’m not rooting for a Texans win this week and neither should you.

You think that’s asinine? Sorry, but I root for what’s best for this team’s present and future and winning this meaningless football game does NOTHING but hurt themselves as a franchise.

Now I know a team can’t come into the game trying to throw the game, but from a fan’s standpoint, you shouldn’t want your Texans to win this week.

The Texans currently have a one game “lead” for the first overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Right behind them are a bunch of three win teams including the Jaguars themselves. Beating them would snap there losing streak, and vault the Jaguars ahead of the Texans in the NFL Draft.

The NFL doesn’t offer as many perks as the MLB for being the worst team, but the pick itself is certainly enough. If the Texans beat the Jaguars this week it would almost certainly knock them out of the race for the first overall pick. The Jaguars have all the tiebreakers based on strength of schedule and the Texans won’t beat any team in draft tiebreakers.

The Texans finish the season against the Broncos, Colts, and Titans and have a decent shot against both their division rivals. Losing this week to the Jaguars would put them two games ahead of the Jaguars and at least one game ahead of the other teams. The Jaguars face the Bills, Titans, and Colts the final three games and also have a decent shot to steal another game or two.

My point is this. The Texans have NOTHING to play for this season. I know some fans want to see this team win, but frankly it doesn’t matter. Finishing with a 14 game losing streak would not bother me anymore than this season already has bothered me. If a 14-game losing streak is the only way the Texans can retain the first overall pick than I am ALL FOR IT.

Once we’re out of the playoffs, I am all for the Texans losing. The higher the pick, the better it is for the future of this franchise. There is no difference between being 2-14, 3-13, 4-12, 5-11, or 6-10 except for a worse draft pick. We already stink. Even Andre Johnson said “we suck” following the Texans loss to the Jaguars two weeks ago.

This season has already been a bust, may as well get something good for being so bad.


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