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Recap: Houston Rockets 114 - Brooklyn Nets 95

No use crying over intentionally spilled milk Nets fans. The Rockets dominated from start to finish and the Nets never really had a chance. 


It’s better to keep a glass half full kind of attitude because this game was dripping with pour play on the part of Nets. Ok I think four Jason Kidd puns is enough. But seriously the Rockets were great tonight and it never really felt like a fair fight. Howard only played 17 minutes, Harden only took four shots, and three of the bench players scored over 14 pts.

It was a very simple formula for the Rockets tonight. They ran all phases of their offense; they pushed the break, they enforced the pick and roll, and they played through Dwight while he was in. Many of their 3-pointers were open shots and really even if they weren’t open, they drilled them anyways. Houston when 19-32 from three and shot 52% from the field overall. Chandler Parsons led the Rockets with 21 points on 7-7 shooting and if I haven’t already made this abundantly clear, it was really easy.

The Nets realized early that their “offense” was going to struggle once they were iso-ing Andray Blatche in the post. That set the tone for them because after that it was random iso after random iso. Paul Pierce looked terrible the whole night and Jason Kidd really abandoned his starters after the first half.

Terrence Jones continues to shine in literally every aspect of his game. He out hustles the entire court, attacks the basket instead of settling for low percentage jumpers, and just generally is fun to watch.

Harden came back from his foot injury and put some good effort in on both sides of the ball. Pierce tried to iso on him a couple times but Harden played like a big boy and held his ground to force some tough shots.


It’s good to get our lead dogs some rest on the first night of a back to back since we face the best team in the west tomorrow, the San Antonio Spurs.

Tomorrow’s game is in San Antonio at 7:30 PM. The statistical knitty gritty is here, so check it out in all it’s glory.

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