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Recap: Houston Rockets - 112 Minnesota Timberwolves - 101

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TimberWolves get smothered with an unhealthy dose of Rocket point guard, and Houston emerges victorious.

I think we all needed a fun game, or at least I certainly did. College football was particularly brutal for me today and that Maverick game continues to give me night terrors. Harden was out for the game with what seems to be a lingering foot injury and Houston knew they would need to find some scoring from previously untapped sources.

Enter the Houston Rockets’ point guard trio. Patrick Beverly and Jeremy Lin started the game and both had nice nights. After pooping his big boy pants against the Mavericks, Jeremy Lin wouldn’t take no for an answer and forced his way to the rim on a number of drives. Confident Lin’s aggressiveness created some shooting space for Beverly and he capitalized regularly. Lin had 19 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists while Beverly added 17 points and 3 assists on 5-8 shooting from three. AND THEY WEREN’T EVEN THE BEST POINT GUARDS ON THE TEAM TONIGHT! Aaron Brooks came off the bench with 26 points on 6-7 shooting or three. The dude is in range when he steps in the building…unless he is wearing a Kings jersey, but that’s pretty common.

Not only were the point guards good on the offensive end, but they rendered Ricky Rubio and Barea mostly useless as well. This also had something to do with the quality play of our three respective big men. Terrence Jones continued his stellar play (18pts, 10rbs) while simultaneously making me less terrified of an Asik trade. Dwight Howard had a lunch pale type game and continued to make good decisions with the ball. Omer Asik only played 13 minutes and it still kills me to see such a talented player rot on the bench, but what are you gonna do right?

The Rockets’ starting five with Terrence Jones in at the power forward has been dangerously good offensively. My normal stance on all these Asik trade scenarios is that having two starting caliber centers is a quality that most teams don’t have. I think it gives Houston the opportunity to create some uncomfortable match ups or cover for Dwight if he were to get into foul trouble. Obviously things haven’t been working out as well as everyone has hoped but with the emergence of Terrence Jones it makes you think that Daryl Morey might now be ok with setting Omer free if this isn’t an aberration.

Anyways the story of the night was great 3-point shooting mixed with decent defense produced a fairly comfortable win for the Rockets. Turnovers continue to plague them but I’m not sure how much longer we can complain about that. They seem to be a permanent part of the package, like the sun rising or me walking into a body of water with my phone in my pocket.

It was a fun game, and we shall do it again against the Grizzlies on Monday at 7pm.

The statistical knitty gritty (box score) can bee seen here.


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