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Houston Rockets Power Rankings Update Through Week 3

The Rockets won three of four this past week (Monday-Sunday) and now stand at 7-4 on the season. Last week the average rank for these publications was 9.5, and this week it’s 9.67. Since these power rankings come out throughout the day on Monday, our national power rankings post will come out early Tuesday every week.


Note: National power rankings don’t take into account any of Monday’s NBA action


ESPN (Marc Stein)

Ranked – 10 | Last Week – 9

Among the reasons why the Dwight Howard/Omer Asik tandem hasn’t worked: Houston looks better offensively when it plays faster and can up the tempo with Omri Casspi or Terrence Jones at the 4. Newsy development overshadowed by all the Asik stuff: Jeremy Lin’s shooting appears to have improved dramatically.


CBS Sports (Matt Moore)

Ranked – 11 | Last Week – 13

The Rockets are one of those newly constructed super-teams that winds up going away from the things that work for it for no apparent reason.


Yahoo Sports (Marc J. Spears)

Ranked – 9 | Last Week – 9

Omer Asik has been benched two straight games since his trade request. Keep an eye on Dec. 15 when offseason signees can be included in trades. (John Schuhmann)

Ranked – 10 | Last Week – 8

Pace: 100.8 (5), OffRtg: 106.0 (5), DefRtg: 101.6 (13), NetRtg: +4.3 (8)
The Rockets certainly led the league in drama last week. They played two overtimesagainst the Raptorsanother in Philadelphia, escaped New York with a wild victory, had one center (Omer Asik) ask for a trade, lost a second (Greg Smith) to a knee injury, and had another (Dwight Howard) shoot 17-for-24 from the free-throw line inSaturday’s win over the Nuggets. You just can’t look away.
This week: vs. BOS, @ DAL, vs. MIN


USA Today (Combination of writers)

Ranked – 9 | Last Week – 8

Break out your signs, T-shirts and (politically correct, please) Twitter jokes: “Linsanity” is back.


ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Hulin)

Ranked – 9 | Last Week – 10

With Greg Smith out for at least this week — which is fortunate, when his sprained knee happened it looked worse — the Rockets need Asik to be a professional, suck it up and play hard off the bench. That helps his trade value, too.


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