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Texans Fans Have EVERY Right To Boo

When Gary Kubiak inexplicably put Matt Schaub into the game in the third quarter of an eventual Texans loss, the Texans fans made sure to let their favorite team know how horrendous of a decision it was to replace Case Keenum. The Texans booed their offense every chance they had and apparently some Texans players didn’t appreciate it.

Here’s what Wade Smith had to say about the Texans fans.

It was very disappointing. It was disappointing because we had to go to our silent count at home because we couldn’t hear. It was disappointing because it was effecting how we had to play. Besides that, we are all grown men and have thick skin. But the fact we had to adjust what we were doing to put us at a disadvantage like we were on the road that was a disappointing thing. But we are grown men. When there are accolades we don’t shy away from it, so when there is criticism we can’t shy away from that.

Hey Wade, I’ll agree it was very disappointing, but can you blame us? We’ve sat through this team losing EIGHT STRAIGHT GAMES in a year that was dubbed “Super Bowl or Bust” and we’ve done worse than “Bust.” This team is two strokes of luck away from 0-10 and frankly I’d much rather be 0-10 at this point.

You had to go to a silent count in the NFL? Poor baby! You let booing effect your play? Really? This wasn’t Seattle we are talking about, we’re talking about a stadium that wasn’t even at full capacity. I understand that you’re supposed to have a home-field advantage when at home, but in no way, shape, or form have the Texans deserved the fan’s support this season. EIGHT STRAIGHT GAMES and you want fans to keep cheering? You want fans to throw roses onto the field? You expect fans to cheer when Matt Schaub enters the game when he’s the one that started the mess that was this eight game losing streak?!? Really Wade? Come on!

Here’s Ben Tate talking about the Texans fans.

These fans here in Houston are so up and down and so wishy-washy. I’m just shocked at that because this organization has come a long way. I just feel like if you’re a true fan, you stick with the team through the tough times and we’re going through a tough time right now. In regards to who was back there, fans are going to be fans. It is what it is.

Wishy-washy?!?  Your own team has lost EIGHT STRAIGHT GAMES in a season that was dubbed “Super Bowl or Bust.” Your own team has found unheard of ways to lose football games. Your own team has played wishy-washy the whole season and even within the same game, but no, the fans are wishy-washy?!? We have EVERY RIGHT to be wishy-washy. What have you (the Texans as a whole) done to deserve our love?!? What exactly should we be cheering?!? The Case Keenum touchdowns. Yea, we do. We love them. But when your head coach inexplicably sits the ONLY THING GOING RIGHT FOR THIS TEXANS TEAM, for a QB who put us in this position to begin with…we are going to boo, and we are going to be loud. We’re going to let Mr. McNair know we don’t stand for this!

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What did you expect at 2-8 Mr. Tate? We thought this team was playoff bound again. We thought Andre Johnson may finally be on the way to a ring he deserves so much. We thought the tough times are over, and instead we have another 2010 season x100, it’s much worse. Trust me Ben, these fans are sticking with the Texans, at least I am. I love this team. I long for a ring for this city and the Texans had a decent shot at giving this city a ring. We’re sticking with this team but you guys are not making it easy. EIGHT STRAIGHT LOSSES and you expect fans to just sit there and smile?

Now Ben, I’ll agree Houston fans in general are very wishy-washy. I’ll agree Houston fans are not in the top-tier of sports fans in general, but come on. This organization has not come along way. They’ve had TWO good seasons in their first 10 seasons. Just two. I understand if you said this quote week 4 after the Seahawks loss because then yes, it would be a Texans fans overreaction because there is plenty of season left. But now, after EIGHT STRAIGHT LOSSES and you think Texans fans should just be happy with this team and not express their displeasure after spending thousands of dollars on season tickets?!? Nope. They have every right to boo, and if your dumb Head Coach continues with his poor coaching decisions you can expect much more for the remainder of the season.

You yourself have had a wishy-washy career in Houston, but I don’t want to harp on that. You’ve earned a lot of respect from me and many others with your play the last few weeks. Playing with four cracked ribs takes lots of courage, and I thank you for going out there and giving it your all when clearly not at 100 percent.

Here’s Andre Johnson on the fans.

They’re fans; I mean they have their opinion. It doesn’t matter what I say or what anybody in this locker room says. They choose to boo, they’re going to boo. I feel like it’s very unnecessary. They may not feel that way, and I can’t control what they do. At the same time I don’t really approve of it.

Sorry Andre. And I hate, HATE, going against Andre Johnson. He’s been one of the only players that has made me smile every season. He’s what I associate with the Houston Texans, and what happened on the sideline following the 4th down incompletion is what I’ve longed for from Andre. The emotion after another terrible loss, I loved it. I’ve wanted to see that from him for a while. He had every right to walk out on this team before the game was officially over.  Loved it Andre. Thank you for that.

However, I disagree with Andre that saying “it’s very unnecessary.” It’s most certainly necessary and he should know that. He’s the one that’s been here for most of this franchise’s existence. He’s the one that’s been through the bad, the slight good, and now the ugly. It’s very necessary Andre. Sorry to tell you this, but this team is going NOWHERE if Gary Kubiak remains head coach. This team is going NOWHERE if Matt Schaub is under center this season.

You yourself are going nowhere either as you made clear. You’re under contract, and I hope you retire a Texan. But I want you to retire a Texan with a ring on your finger, and the only way that’s going to happen is if Mr. McNair fires/releases the people responsible for this debacle of a season. Sorry Andre, but the booing is necessary when your team has lost EIGHT STRAIGHT GAMES, which is in no way your fault, but it has happened. Booing shows passion. It shows we care. It shows we want wants going on to be put to an end.

So Texans fans, you have EVERY right to boo. If you can stomach heading to Reliant Stadium next week, and Kubiak places Matt Schaub under center, then you boo the living daylight out of the Texans. Matt Schaub DOES NOT HELP THIS TEAM WIN FOOTBALL GAMES. Matt Schaub does not help the Texans future. He doesn’t. Not one bit. And if this coaching staff believes he does, then that’s all you need to know about how poor of a coach Gary Kubiak really is.

If you’ve spent your hard-earned money to watch 8+ football games at Reliant Stadium, and you choose to boo this team now, that’s totally fine with me. The Texans have earned boo after boo with their play. They’ve earned the right for fans to frankly not show up to games. I know I personally have much better things to do on a Sunday than watch a 2-8 football team face a 1-9 team.

I love this team. I really do. I won’t ever stop being a Texans fan, but boy have they made it tough. They’ve killed me this season, but I’ll always be there along for the roller-coaster ride that is the Houston Texans football team.


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