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Week 11 - Houston Texans vs. Oakland Raiders: Preview & Predictions

The Houston Texans take on the Oakland Raiders at Reliant Stadium in Houston at 12:00 p.m. CST tomorrow.  You can catch the game on CBS.

The Texans organization, its coaches and players are all now in a very difficult position.  We’re sitting at 2-7.  We’re all but mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  Despite the fact that this season has dragged on for what seems like a lifetime, there’s still a lot of games left to play (lose?).  I mean, honestly.  What does winning do for us at this point?  Without catastrophic collapses from the other teams in our divisions and some sort of Tom Brady-esque play emerging from Case Keenum, we’re not going into the post season.  So it’s time to look forward to 2014, right?

Therein lies the dilemma.  A lot of the coaches and players are no longer fighting for their season, they’re fighting for their jobs.  Everyone’s performance is under the microscope and they’re all on the chopping block.  Now would be the time to turn things around if there ever was a time.  On the other hand, the Texans would do well to embrace the failure for a high draft pick in order to attempt to salvage the team for next year.  Especially considering the potential number of dead cap dollars we’ll have this off season and how many of our starters we will likely lose to make cap room.

The problem is that the Oakland Raiders are just as terrible as the Texans are right now and they don’t even have the luxury of  “paper” numbers making them look better than their record.  Look for Case Keenum to have a good game, but stay cautiously optimistic.  It is, after all, just the Raiders.  I want to see how he fairs against the Broncos & Patriots (and throughout the rest of the season on the whole) before I crown him heir apparent.  With Gary Kubiak returning to the helm (albeit from the box), by all accounts the Texans should beat the Raiders.

But how many times have I said that this year already?  Again, forgive me if I throw my hands up.  But this particular game? I think the Texans would have to actively try to lose this game.  The Oakland Raiders are 3-6, have little to no offense, an even worse defense and their starting QB Terrelle Pryor is out.  Matt McGloin will make the start for Oakland.  There was a time when the Texans’ defense would be chomping at the bit to take on an offense like this.  Here’s hoping they return to form tomorrow.

Then again, the Texans have proven that they are the kings of finding ways to lose games.  A trend I hope they break against the Raiders, if only because I need a win as a fan.  I just need at least one more win for my own sanity.

Coincidentally enough, Al Davis said it best: “Just win, baby.”

Texans 28 – Raiders 17


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