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MLB GM Meetings Update

It was a pretty slow day for Astros news after several rumors earlier in the week.

The Astros believe free agents still feel like Houston is a great place to play. Jeff Luhnow says it’s a “It’s a double-edged sword” in regards to free agents thoughts about Houston. Do they want to win more or do they want to play?

Someone looking to win a World Series title next year may not think about the Astros as the first place to go sign. But having said that, we also have an opportunity. Jose Veras signed with us (last year) because he could be the closer. As of right now, we’re going into next year with that role in competition. There’s a lot of other clubs that don’t have that. You can be a starter in our rotation, potentially be an everyday outfielder on our club. You can be the guy.

The Astros do have opportunity but what else does Houston’s offer?

We play indoors. We play in a controlled environment where you know you’re going to play every night. It’s in the middle of the country. There are no state taxes. There’s a lot of attractive reasons.

Jon Heyman (CBS Sports) reported earlier in the week that the Astros have shown interest in Ike Davis. Evan Drellich (Houston Chronicle) says the Astros and Mets were not a fit in an Ike Davis trade for whatever reason.

With the Astros out of the “Ike Davis Sweepstakes” the Astros are still looking for a bat at either first base or in the outfield.

Pitching is always going to be in high demand. But run production, the feeling I think amongst the teams is that run production is declining. So that makes guys who can produce runs more valuable, and so those guys are going to get a lot of attention in this free agent market and also in the trade market.

If the Astros can’t acquire a bat, the Astros will likely go with either Brett Wallace or Jonathan Singleton at first base.


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