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Houston Texans Power Rankings Update Through Ten Weeks

At this point it will be tough for the Texans to drop much further in the power rankings. The average rank of the Texans for these publications this week is 27.14, whereas last week it was 25.5. Here are each major publication’s Texans ranking in their respective power rankings.

Ranked – 28 | Last Week – 28

Case Keenum was 9-of-10 for 80 yards and two touchdowns on play-action passes Sunday. It was his other passes (13-of-33) that were the problem. (Elliot Harrison)

Ranked – 29 | Last Week – 26

Yep, having just two wins sucks. But don’t let that cloud what was a resilient performance by aTexans team starting an undrafted backup quarterback while its head coach was away recovering from a mini-stroke.

Things couldn’t have started worse in Arizona, with Case Keenum fumbling on the first play from scrimmage and spotting the Cardinals a quick six. The Texans fought back, though, and made it a game through their very last drive.

Power Rankings side note: Did you see Keenum’s two touchdown passes to Andre Johnson? One of the game’s most hyped defenders, Patrick Peterson, got AJ’d. Twice.


Sports Illustrated (Chris Burke) 

Ranked – 29  | Last Week – 27

In a depressing season full of bad news, word that Gary Kubiak could return to the sideline Sunday, two weeks after collapsing on national TV, should be a massive emotional boost for the Texans. There’s no question that the Texans fans will give Kubiak an appropriate welcome back.


CBSSports (Pete Prisco)

Ranked – 21 | Last Week – 20

The good news is Gary Kubiak will be back this week. The bad news is the Texans are pretty much done.


Yahoo Sports! (Frank Schwab)

Ranked – 28 | Last Week – 25

Again, keep in mind that both their victories were semi-miraculous. There’s way too much talent there to be this bad.


Houston Chronicle (John McClain)

Ranked – 28 | Last Week – 27

The Texans are the only team in history to allow less than 2,600 yards (2,520) and more than 240 points (248) in their first nine games.


Ranked – 27 | Last Week – 27

It will be great to see Gary Kubiak back on the sideline Sunday.


What do you think of these rankings? Texans too high on some? Too low?

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