Bayou City Links And Tweets: November 12th

FA worth the draft pick? | Harden’s lack of defense | Texans lose to Cardinals


Houston Astros

  • Ray Kuhn (Climbing Tal’s Hill) on whether or not it’s worth it to lose a draft pick for certain free agents.

If a player declines the offer, which most likely will, they are then free to sign with any team. However, signing one of these free agents will come at the cost of a draft pick. For teams, like the Astros, that have a top 10 pick next year, they will lose a second round selection. All other teams must give up a first round pick as compensation. Of course this is unless the free agent re-signs with their original team.

  • Brian McTaggart ( on the progress of Jonathan Meyer in the AFL.
  • CRPerry13 (Crawfish Boxes) asks if Shin-Sin Choo is the sequel to Carlos Lee.
  • Astros tweet of the day…


Houston Rockets 

  • Mike Prada (SBNation) on the defense of James Harden and his teammates.

James Harden’s defensive blunders are getting most of the attention, but the rest of the Rockets’ perimeter defenders aren’t much better.

  • Jenny Dial Creech (Houston Chronicle) on a bug flying around the Rockets locker room.
  • Rob Mahoney (Sports Illustrated) on James Harden’s lack of defense.
  • Rockets tweet of the day…


Houston Texans 

There will certainly be better expositions of offensive football this season in the NFL but you won’t see many better games for one-on-one matchups and big-time players putting in spectacular performances. From the opening play of the game when John Abraham turned around Derek Newton to swat the ball out of Case Keenum’s hands, the stars in this game were making big plays, right until the very end when the Cardinals’ coverage and pass rush stood tall to preserve Arizona’s victory.

  • Tim Polzer (SI) on Ed Reed’s comments following the Texans loss.
  • Marc Sessler ( on a report that the Front Office is frustrated with the coaching staff.
  • Texans tweet of the day…


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