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Preview: Houston Rockets v.s. Toronto Raptors

The Houston Rockets (4-3) have lost two games in a row and stay home to face the Toronto Raptors (3-4). Tonight’s game is at 7:00 PM and can be seen on CSN Houston.


The Matchups

Point Guard: Patrick Beverley v.s. Kyle Lowry

Look who it is?!? Lowry returns to Toyota Center to face off against Beverley and Lin. Beverley is coming off a big game and continues to be a difference maker defensively. Lowry is averaging around 12 ppg and 6 apg.

Edge: Raptors


Shooting Guard: James Harden v.s. DeMar DeRozan

James Harden is expected to play tonight though he’s been struggling with his foot injury. Derozan is averaging 17 ppg, though he’s shooting just 39% (30% from three) from the field.

Edge: Rockets


Small Forward: Chandler Parsons v.s. Rudy Gay

There are some rumors swirling in regards to a possible Rudy Gay trade though his contract makes him a tough player to move. Gay is averaging 18/7 through seven games this season and this should be a good matchup between the two small forwards.

Edge: Raptors


Power Forward: Dwight Howard v.s. Amir Johnson

Johnson is averaging around 11/7 this season, and is one of the more under appreciated players in the NBA. Apparently he has somewhat added the three-ball to his repertoire (35%) so Dwight may have to play a bit farther away from the basket.

Edge: Rockets


Center: Omer Asik v.s. Jonas Valanciunas

Two foreign centers with opposite playing styles. Valanciunas is what I had hoped Donatas Motiejunas could become. So much for that!

Edge: Even


Bench (players that average over 10+ minutes a game):

Raptors – Tyler Hansbrough, Terrence Ross, Landry Fields, D.J. Augustin

Rockets – Francisco GarciaOmri CasspiJeremy Lin

Raptors have a deep bench with several weapons. Garcia and Casspi have struggled a bit lately.

Edge: Even


Prediction – The Rockets snap their two-game losing streak and win 108-93.


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