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Bayou City Links And Tweets: Weekend

Jose Altuve | Hack-A-Howard | Case Keenum’s first two starts


Houston Astros

  • Clack (Crawfish Boxes) on Jose Altuve and the risk of contact hitters.

We can go to the Astros’ connection now: in 2013, Jose Altuve was the worst hitter (minimum 500 PA) in baseball at doing the little things (at least based on this measuring stick). He was last, no. 141, at -1.047. Altuve was approximately 1 win below average as a batter, based on average expected results calculated with linear weights. However, he was more than 2 wins below average based on WPA/LI—meaning that his production in runners on base situations cost the Astros about 1.5 more wins than expected. One of the most damaging factors for Altuve is that he grounded into 24 double plays in 2013.

  • Craig Calcaterra (Hardball Talk) on a possible $100 million dual complex for Bue Jays/Astros spring training.
  • Greg Thurston (Climbing Tal’s Hill) on some possible free agent relievers for the Astros.
  • Astros tweet of the weekend…


Houston Rockets

  • Sam Amick on Dwight Howard, Rockets/Lakers game, and more.

They didn’t roll out this red carpet for Howard just to win the free agency sweepstakes in July. This endeavor was all about June, about this group coming together in time to get past the San Antonios, the Oklahoma Citys, the Grizzlies and the Clippers of their Western Conference world en route to a Finals appearance and the chance to win their first title since the back-to-back championships in 1994 and 1995.

  • CSN Houston wraps up Kobe’s thoughts on Dwight Howard.
  • Marc Spears (Yahoo Sports) on Dwight Howard’s frustration with the Hack-A-Howard strategy.
  • Rockets tweet of the weekend…


Houston Texans

  • Brian T. Smith (Houston Chronicle) on the Texans offense with Case Keenum.

Case Keenum accomplished more in the last two games than Matt Schaub did in the Texans’ initial six. At least when it comes to throwing downfield. Set up by a smooth play-fake and unleashing passes with more of a collegiate air-it-out mentality than the conservative passing style the Texans increasingly become known for under Schaub, Keenum has thrown for at least 25 yards on 11 of his 35 completions (31.4 percent) since being named the team’s starting quarterback.

  • Darin Gantt (Pro Football Talk) on Ed Reed coming to terms with his benching.
  • Tania Ganguli (ESPN) on the Texans being without Arian Foster against the Cardinals and possibly longer.
  • Texans tweet of the weekend…


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